Diddy Shares Heartbreaking Post Remembering Kim Porter Nine Months After Her Death

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Diddy is still mourning Kim Porter nine months after the death of his ex.

This weekend, rapper and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs shared a picture on Instagram of his ex and a message for the mother of his four kids: “I MISS YOU.” The sweet shot showed Kim sitting on the ground in front of the setting sun, holding her hands above her head to make it look as if she were grabbing the sun.

Kim had passed away in November 2018 after a battle with pneumonia. Though she and Diddy had split up, the two raised their children together and her death hit Diddy particularly hard. He later opened up about the pain he felt in her loss, telling Essence in an emotional interview that it was particularly hard knowing that his kids had lost their mom.

“Anybody that’s lost a mother or lost a soulmate, it takes time. It takes time. They say time heals all wounds when it comes to mothers, [but] I don’t think that’s the case,” Diddy said in the tearful interview. “I don’t think anyone would ever understand how hard it is to be a black mother.”

Diddy added that the love he shared with Kim Porter didn’t end when their relationship did and that their co-parenting kept a strong connection between them.

“There’s levels and dimensions to love, and especially love between a man and woman,” he said. “There’s this place that almost goes beyond friendship. It’s where two people actually feel like a level of responsibility to love this person forever; and a total trust.”

Diddy was very active after Kim Porter’s death as well. As Diddy would later tell People magazine, he had learned about Kim’s passing before his children and took great lengths to make sure they wouldn’t find out about it online. The rapper said that he jumped into “mommy mode” and dispatched friends to help locate the kids so he could tell them. Diddy shared that he had to get to his girls’ school and find son Quincy, who at the time was working in Atlanta on the set of Star.

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When Diddy learned that son Christian was on an airplane at the time, he took extra lengths to make sure he couldn’t stumble across the news of his mom’s death. Diddy said that he had his son’s phone disconnected for the rest of the flight so he could tell Christian personally when he landed.