August 24, 2019
26-Pound Shelter Cat Named Mr. B Goes Viral & Breaks Hearts

Another day, another sad post on an animal shelter's social media page attempting to tug at a few heart strings in order to find a home for a homeless animal.

While these types of social media posts are extremely common, they don't always go viral.

That wasn't the case for a post by an employee at Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia two days ago.

Confirmed by CBS Philly, the photo featured an employee putting their back into holding up a massive tabby cat. This tabby's name was Mr. B. He was also affectionately referred to as BeeJay. BeeJay is 2-years-old, weighs 26 pounds, and is homeless.

"OMG, big boi Mr. B is a CHONK. He's a chonk of a chonk. He redefines the term," the Facebook post exclaimed before asking if anyone wanted to guess how much he weighed. The refuge went on to describe the large kitty as a "jumbo-sized package of fluff & love" that was "sad-eyed" and needed someone to help him "find happiness."

In just 48 hours, the post went viral accumulating over 10,000 comments and just shy of 9,000 shares. There were also a little over 7,000 people who reacted to the post as well.

The viral post has also raised nearly $2,000 in donations for the homeless animals.

The comment section of the viral Facebook post has been flooded with cat lovers sharing pictures of their own chunky tabbies.

One Facebook user seized the comments as an opportunity to encourage those who said they would adopt Mr. B if they didn't live so far away to consider going to a local shelter and finding a different cat they could give a forever home to.

Many users begged the refuge to do detailed interviews and screenings of families before giving Mr. B to someone, as everyone desperately wanted his next home to be his forever home.

Several individuals took to the comments to complain about the site being down as they wanted a chance to adopt him.

Just 24 hours ago, the refuge took to the comments of the post to update on Mr. B's status.

"We are overwhelmed by the number of wonderful people ready to give Mr. B his fur-ever home. We are excited to find him a home soon," the refuge penned before adding that he would be going to his forever home after a few more check-ups.

The comment encouraged those who were not fortunate enough to adopt Mr. B to consider coming in and picking up one of the other many homeless kitties who were in desperate need of love and happiness.