Grecian Benefactor Takes Care Of The Legal Fees For The Estranged Husband Of Missing Mother Jennifer Dulos

A secret donor in Greece is taking care of Fotis Dulos' legal fees in the wake of the ongoing investigation into his estranged wife's disappearance.

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B_A / Pixabay

A secret donor in Greece is taking care of Fotis Dulos' legal fees in the wake of the ongoing investigation into his estranged wife's disappearance.

Jennifer Dulos is a 50-year-old Connecticut mother of five who has been missing since May 24. She was last seen dropping her kids off at school. On the same day she was reported missing, her bloodstain was found on the floor of her garage. There are two main suspects in the case — her estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. The couple was reportedly captured on video surveillance suspiciously depositing bags in various dumpsters the night Jennifer went missing. Jennifer’s bloodied clothes were discovered in the bags, according to the New York Post.

Fotis and his girlfriend were charged with tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigation. They are both currently out on bail and have both pleaded not guilty. While the investigation remains a missing person investigation, it appears less and less likely that Jennifer will be found alive. In the future, the couple could be facing far heftier charges.

Many people believe that Fotis is behind Jennifer’s disappearance. The pair were involved in a nasty divorce and custody battle prior to her disappearance. She’d also previously accused her estranged husband of threatening her, as well as being controlling and verbally abusive. Nevertheless, Fotis has proclaimed his innocence time after time, even doing a live interview in which he says that though he and Jennifer had their differences, he never would do anything to harm her. Jennifer’s family doesn’t buy his story but a mysterious, unnamed benefactor from Greece apparently does.

An unidentified Grecian donor is reportedly taking on Fotis’ hefty legal fees as the investigation continues. This is a high-profile case and the public has already deemed Fotis guilty, despite the fact that he’s not yet been proved to have had anything to do with his estranged wife’s disappearance. Fotis, who was once a successful business owner, has had trouble taking in new clients in the wake of the investigation. Thus, if a donor hadn’t stepped up to help him with legal fees, he’d probably be in even worse trouble.

A man named Sky Mercede is one of the many people doing whatever they can to help find Jennifer. Mercede has been passing out flyers with the missing mother’s information on them, according to The Advocate.

“Our hope is that people will see this and they’ll talk about it. We need to continue to get the word out there and keep this going, so that maybe someone out there will see this and come forward with something that can help this investigation,” he said.