Bachelor Nation Praises Derek Peth For How Well He Handled Demi Burnett’s Coming Out

Derek Peth was falling for Demi Burnett, but when she decided to pursue a relationship with a woman, he handled the situation with grace.

Derek Peth poses on the red carpet.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Derek Peth was falling for Demi Burnett, but when she decided to pursue a relationship with a woman, he handled the situation with grace.

Fans know that Bachelor in Paradise is full of twists and turns. A couple that is all over one another one day might be broken up by the next episode. However, the latest episode of the dating show featured a twist that is unlike any the show has seen before.

Demi Burnett, the bubbly blonde from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, had been pursuing a relationship with Derek Peth in paradise. Peth was already starting to fall for Burnett and could see a future with her. However, Burnett had lingering feelings for someone back home, according to Screen Rant.

Burnett came out as bisexual on the show and revealed that she’d been dating a woman back home named Kristian Haggerty. However, she was still unsure about her feelings and was very conflicted. Eventually, Burnett voiced her feelings to the show’s host, Chris Harrison. In hopes of helping Burnett decide what she really wanted, Harrison surprised Burnett by having Haggerty make an appearance in paradise.

In the emotional moment during which the couple was reunited, Burnett found clarity as to where her heart was. She ultimately made the decision to stay in paradise and continue a relationship with Haggerty. Thus, she was faced with the task of ending things with Peth.

Peth was heartbroken when he found out, but handled the situation gracefully, offering his support to both Haggerty and Burnett. Many fans were impressed by how he handled the situation, praising him on social media. In fact, many believe he should be granted the coveted starring role in the next season of The Bachelor.

“I would 100% be down for Derek being the next Bachelor… he has shown a truly beautiful side of himself on BIP. The maturity is off the charts and I think he would go into his own season with genuine intentions and purpose. #DerekForBachelor,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Peth’s Bachelor in Paradise co-star, Kristina Schulman, also praised him online, calling him “emotionally intelligent, sensitive, sweet, and understanding.”

Bachelor producers have not yet made a final decision about who the starring role will go to. However, it’s believed that Peth is now being considered. In addition to Peth, Peter Weber and Mike Johnson of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette are also potential contenders for the role.. The identity of the next bachelor will be announced at the end of Bachelor in Paradise, which concludes in late September.