Sierra Skye Sets Instagram On Fire In Black Bikini So Tight, It Should Be Illegal

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When it comes to delivering sizzling bikini displays, Sierra Skye can be relied upon. The model has racked up 4.1 million Instagram followers on account of her near-daily swimwear updates, with much of the star’s feed dedicated to reminding the platform that this blonde comes with some of the most fierce curves around. Sierra has returned for another knockout update. Neon hues and plastic strings may have been nowhere to be seen today, but the star’s Saturday update definitely ticked boxes.

Today saw Sierra in selfie mode. The blonde was flaunting her curves in the indoor setting that hasn’t been seen on her feed for a while – Sierra tends to opt for outdoor settings that either see her in full sunlight or luxurious-looking shaded alternatives. With what looked like a stylish bathroom background though, today was delivering the model’s curves in a more low-frills way.

Sierra was seen standing full-frontal in a knockout black bikini that was, admittedly, a pretty tight one. The high-waisted briefs were hugging the model’s every curve, although fans would likely agree that both the bottoms and cute strappy top fitted the model perfectly. Sierra’s super-flat stomach and shapely hips were on show, with viewers also seeing her slender shoulders, toned thighs, and a little cleavage-flashing. With a knotted finish below the bust, today’s bikini seemed to mix Sierra’s racy side with her girly edge.

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Bby momma ???? @prettylittlething

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A black bikini hasn’t been seen on Sierra in a while. The model last wore the color back in July with a sexy outdoor shot that saw her rocking the palette with contrasting pink.

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I’m yours ???? @fashionnova

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Whether for the color, the style, or the insane body modeling the bikini today, Sierra’s update proved popular in no time. It had racked up over 18,000 likes within just 35 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought over 113 fans into the post’s comments section.

“You are so bomb,” one fan wrote.

“You have such a GORGEOUS body and I’m sure that you have a BEAUTIFUL face,” another added.

The user did have a point. Sierra’s selfie had seen her smartphone block her face, although figuring out that this model has beauty on a caliber with her killer body doesn’t require much work. A quick scroll through Sierra’s feed offers plenty of snaps showing the model’s face.

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???????? @prettylittlething

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Today did see Sierra acting as an influencer. The Pretty Little Thing bikini was given a mention, although Sierra’s favorites also include Fashion Nova and Hot Miami Styles.

Fans wishing to see more of Sierra should give her Instagram a follow.