YouTube Star David Dobrik Gifts His Friend A Lamborginhi In An Emotional Video

David Dobrik is only 23-years-old but has already become incredibly wealthy thanks to his highly successful YouTube channel. Dobrik, a comedian, posts three short vlogs a week. The videos typically include he and his friends performing stunts, partying, and doing comedy bits. In total, Dobrik has 13 million subscribers on YouTube. He is the leader of a friend group known as the Vlog Squad, many of whom also make YouTube videos. Because of his profound success, Dobrik has the ability to surprise his friends with elaborate gifts. He's become well known for presenting those in his friend group with luxury vehicles and filming their reaction. His latest surprise video was one of the craziest he's filmed yet, according to Dexerto.

In his latest video, Dobrik surprised his close friend and fellow YouTuber star Heath Hussar with a brand new Lamborghini Huracán. Hussar, a supercar enthusiast, was brought to tears upon realizing the vehicle was, in fact, meant for him. Hussar, in obvious shock, broke down when expressing his gratitude for the elaborate gift. Dobrik also became emotional witnessing his friend's reaction, wiping away tears. He later said that Hussar's reaction was one of his favorites he's ever gotten after giving away a vehicle.

The video is only four minutes and 20 seconds long but earned a huge online reaction since it was posted on August 20. It currently sits at over 10 million views.

"I surprised my friend with a Lamborghini this morning and I haven't stopped crying lol," Dobrik wrote on Twitter, including a link to the video.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dave this is absolutely unreal," Hussar responded to the post.

So how does a 23-year-old have the ability to give away a car that is over $200,000? Dobrik partnered with a video game company called EA for the video. EA, short for Electronic Arts, is one of the largest video game companies in the world. The company is preparing to launch a new Need For Speed game called Heat, thus they offered to partner with Dobrik for the video as a way to bring further attention to their brand.

Many fans commented upon the video, sharing their excitement for Hussar who has long dreamed of having a luxury vehicle someday.

"Heath was the most deserving of this car from the vlog squad! So happy for him," one fan wrote.

Hussar has 2 million subscribers on YouTube and is currently dating a professional dancer named Mariah Amato.