‘Big Brother 21’ Week 9 Spoilers: POV Players Chosen, One Player Snubbed Yet Again

Nicole Anthony competes on Big Brother 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 21.

The players for the Power of Veto (POV) have been chosen for Week 9 in the Big Brother house. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Holly Allen nominated Nick Maccarone for eviction, and Nick nominated Christie Murphy as part of the America’s Prankster twist. For now, no one in the house knows that Nick is the prankster, and that he will also be able to choose the replacement nominee should someone get pulled off the block at the POV ceremony.

According to @BB_Updates Twitter account, in addition to Nick, Holly and Christie, Cliff Hogg, Jackson Michie, and Jessica Milagros were chosen to play in the POV. This means the only two houseguests on the sidelines tonight when the competition plays out will be Tommy Bracco and Nicole Anthony.

Followers of the spoiler account were shocked to see that Nicole has yet again not been chosen to play in the POV. Nicole has only competed in the very first POV, causing some fans to believe her chip isn’t even in the selection bag anymore.

“Is there even a chip for nicole? that’s what i’m wondering,” one fan tweeted.

“Did production take Nicole’s? Only played in one veto comp this whole season no wonder she hasn’t won anything, she’s never been given the opportunity,” another wrote.

The POV competition is currently underway, with the POV ceremony set to play out on Monday. Traditionally a full day passes between the competition and the ceremony allowing the winner to make deals and work on their gameplay before coming to a final decision.

It’s also not known at this time if the houseguests are aware that the prankster — and not Holly — has the second power of putting up the replacement nominee. The prankster’s power should be revealed as soon as a nominee is taken off the block and it is time to put up another houseguest. If whoever wins the POV decides to keep the nominations the same and not use the power, it won’t be revealed that the prankster could have shaken things up.

For now, Nick has not let anyone know that he has won the prankster power and the rest of the houseguests are trying to figure out who America chose. For now, Nicole seems to be the biggest suspect with no fingers being pointed at Nick. Revealing such a big secret could be detrimental to his game, but Nick has had a problem keeping his secrets in the past.

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