Miley Cyrus’ 19-Year-Old Sister Noah Proves Going Shirtless Runs In The Family In Black Bra & Open Jacket

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Miley Cyrus’ younger sister Noah is proving that two can play at the shirtless trend – the SHE IS COMING singer famously rocked a shirtless pantsuit look at the 2018 Met Gala in New York City. Noah has taken to Instagram with a similar look, although the low-frills setting and blurred photography were a million miles away from the glitzy finish seen at the world’s annual fashion event.

Noah’s snap showed her pictured in what may have been her bedroom – a wall covered with collage photographs suggested a home setting, with Noah herself appearing in the foreground. The 19-year-old didn’t post a full-length shot, but her outfit was still ticking boxes for being a little out there.

Noah sported a sexy black bra and a patterned jacket in white, black, and pastel shades, although she had opted out of wearing a shirt. The star delivered her trademark natural beauty via a direct gaze and minimal flourishes – a little makeup seemed to be all that Noah needed. The brunette’s long and dark hair was loose around her shoulders, with a subdued facial expression reflecting the singer’s caption: racy as the outfit may have been, the post itself didn’t center around sex appeal or looks.

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lately my minds been my enemy. ive been in a mental hell. my self confidence is destroyed. my anxiety and depression feel like theyre crushing me from the inside out. the mornings are the worst.. sometimes it feels almost impossible to get out of my bed... but im trying my best to get through this. im going through therapy and working hard to make myself happy again.... my next single “Lonely” coming in September is so so special. @rollothewriter and I captured every bit of my emotional battle in this song. if you dont know or understand me or what im going through then you will very soon. i cant wait to let you guys into this fucked up brain of mine. thank u to all my friends n family sticking by me through this time. AND TO MY FANSZZZZ my beautiful beautiful Cyrens - i dont think id have the strength to be vulnerable and put music out without you guys!! i love you so much. and to anyone going through this.. youre not alone. and i DO believe it WILL get better.

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In fact, Noah’s caption seemed out to question her own mental health, alongside thanking her fans. The “July” singer received plenty of positive feedback to her raw and honest words.

“Keep your head up u beautiful little angel,” one fan wrote.

Another took a more verbose route, but their message likewise offered positivity.

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July is out now. this one is really emotional for me and extremely heart felt. thank you to Peter Harding and Michael Sonier for making me feel comfortable enough to open up and write this song. i wrote this about a time when i felt like i amounted to nothing to someone and never felt good enough for them. i stayed in fear of the heart break tho my heart was already in a million pieces. anyway its out now heres a piece of my life that made a huge impact on me. thanks for listening if you do - link in bio - i also wana thank my team for helping me build the confidence over the past year to be able to even put out music again. shout out to @ualreadyknowJMP @lilsabotage @mkoziel @franklinspov for the video. i want to especially thank @tishcyrus @zach.kardisch and @loualchamaa you guys have gone above and beyond. thank you

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“Oh dear Noah it’s understandable. I guess it’s because you worry about both your career and your relationship. You may feel that you are not being recognized as you deserve, you feel that there are lots of competitors out there, you feel that you can’t have a satisfying relationship and a lot more…But at least you have lots of people around you who can support you and guide you and you are talented and beautiful. I hope that everything goes well for you.”

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Similar words of love filled the 841+ comments left to Noah’s post. The update also proved popular overall, racking up over 114,000 likes in the space of 15 hours. A celebrity like even came in from YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Miley Cyrus may be making major headlines on account of her divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth, but it looks like the 26-year-old’s little sister is getting noticed. Fans wishing to see more of Noah and her newly-released music should follow the singer’s Instagram account.