Wrongly-Crowned Miss Universe Ariadna Gutierrez Gets Her Revenge In String Bikini Landing 'Sports Illustrated'

Ariadna Gutierrez is living proof that an embarrassing mixup can end well. The now-model held the title of Miss Colombia back in 2015, but her pageant career didn't finish the way she wanted. During the Miss Universe pageant, host Steve Harvey accidentally declared her Miss Universe when she was actually the first runner-up.

While that incident may not be one that the Colombian will soon forget, hopefully she'll have plenty of positive ones to replace it with soon. The South American's career is definitely on the rise. She has been featured by Sports Illustrated for the magazine's Swim Search Sweet 17, and Sports Illustrated's Instagram account dedicated an entire post to the star just recently. Gutierrez's photo definitely sent the platform a reminder of why this beauty is in the modeling industry.

The simple snap showed Ariadna rocking a tiny string bikini in deep shades of red, with a white wall background enhancing the model's fierce curves, fit muscles, and sizzling golden tan. The camera didn't take in Ariadna's full body, but seeing this model shot from the knee up was enough to show off her amazing body. Ariadna's rock-hard abs, toned thighs, and sexy cleavage were on display, as well as her beautiful smile. The model posed for the photo with one hand held on her waist and the other toying with her cascading blonde hair.

A lengthy caption from Ariadna outlined her embarrassing pageant moment, although the model appeared to have gained perspective from the experience. Her accompanying Sports Illustrated feature did mention the awkward moment in a fair amount of detail, but it likewise proved that this positive-minded model has her eye on the future. Ariadna spoke of what being featured by the iconic magazine meant to her.
"Being part of the SI Swimsuit model search is really a dream. I need to pinch myself. I can't believe this happened. Since I was a little girl, I've been dreaming of an opportunity like this. Knowing that the best, most amazing models have been a part of this magazine, it is mind boggling to me that I have been given the opportunity to show who I am and represent where I come from on a global platform such as SI."
Ariadna also shared some details about her life. The star mentioned that she follows a plant-based diet, having opted to go down the vegan route after the tragic passing of her father. She wouldn't be the only swimwear face who eats off a vegan plate: Playboy legend Sara Underwood is fully vegan, with her social media showing plenty of meat-free eats.

Ariadna has 3.5 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to keep tabs on her should follow her account.