Jada Pinkett Smith Hops On Husband Will Smith’s Back Wearing Orange Stilettos

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Actress Jada Pinkett Smith recently shared a sweet shot of herself and husband Will Smith that had her 8.6 million Instagram followers swooning.

In the snap, Jada rocked a denim jacket and worn jeans with a pair of bright orange pointed-toe stiletto heels. Her hair was done in blonde braids, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. The only problem was, as she stated in the caption, the heels weren’t being too kind to her feet. So, she opted to ask Will to give her a piggyback ride so she didn’t have to continue suffering in the stilettos.

Will was likewise casually dressed in streetwear, as he rocked black sneakers, black sweats with a red stripe down the side, and a simple black top. He happily carried his petite wife on his back as they crossed the tarmac at what looked to be an airport or hangar of some sort.

Jada’s fans loved the sweet glimpse into their relationship and the way they support one another. The shot received over 1 million likes in less than a day, and people couldn’t get over how amazing both of them looked in the shot.

“Looking like two kids,” Marjorie Harvey commented.

Another follower left a sassy comment and said “where there’s a Will, there’s a way.”

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When your feet hurt ❣️

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Another follower referenced their relationship, and shared how he wanted something like they had one day.

“Can’t wait to do this with my soulmate. I’ll carry her anywhere.”

Relationships that span decades in Hollywood are rare, as couples are often put under the microscope by both the paparazzi and the public. However, Jada and Will have been together for over two decades now, since they tied the knot in 1997.

While the two seem like total relationship goals to many, they’ve both always been open and honest about the fact that their relationship takes work, and they have a unique perspective on what makes a healthy relationship.

In fact, as Extra reports, the duo don’t even refer to themselves as married anymore — they prefer the term “life partnership.”

“We’re in a life partnership, you know, and just wanting to create that freedom for ourselves, because there are people out here that are really thriving and love being in conventional marriages, [but] we wanted to give that space, honor that space, and know that we wanted to create a space for us that’s a bit different.”

Fans who love seeing glimpses of their relationship in sweet selfies will have to make sure they’re following Jada on Instagram for the inside scoop.