‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Blu-Ray Review

Wreck-It Ralph was reviewed on Blu-Ray as it was released yesterday.

Wreck-It Ralph is a brilliant movie, filled with references to classic videogame nostalgia. The movie is about a villain who goes by the nickname “Wreck-it Ralph” because all he does is destroy buildings as his “good guy” nemesis “Fix-it Felix” dashes around attempting to restore them. But Ralph is tired of being the bad guy, so he escapes into other games in the arcade to earn his place of honor.

For the first time in history, critics actually liked a movie based on videogames. It’s not based on any one game, though, but it features characters from such games as Pac-Man, Q-Bert and Street Fighter 2. Some have said that Wreck-it Ralph‘s main character is basically Donkey Kong.

Wreck-It Ralph, starring John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, is an amazing movie on the big screen, but how does it fare in high-definition in your living room?

According to IGN, Wreck-It Ralph is perfect on Blu-Ray.

Alongside the feature film Wreck-it Ralph, the Blu-Ray package also includes the award-winning short film Paperman, a digital wonder of storytelling. Paperman shows us a simple love story with zero dialogue, and raises the value of the Blu-Ray of Wreck-it Ralph even higher.

The digital quality of Wreck-it Ralph on Blu-Ray is flawless, as expected from a film whose source is entirely digital (movie as well as videogames). Some producers skimp on the quality when it comes to Blu-Ray transfers, thinking nobody will notice, but Wreck-it Ralph doesn’t. The transfer is perfect.

Even the sound effects grabbed from the original arcade game sources are directly transferred with no loss in quality.

Wreck-it Ralph offers an audio-visual feast for the senses that lovingly delivers our classic videogame memories with perfection.

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