Xbox Live Down: Microsoft Is 'Working Hard' To Fix It As Anonymous Trolls Us

With Xbox Live down for many gamers lately, Microsoft claims to be looking into the reasons for what appears to be an error only affecting the Xbox One. While the usual suspect Lizard Squad seems to be absent this time, it looks like Anonymous is taking credit for the loss of service.

The issue is not affecting the Xbox 360, and that may be enough to spur jokes from the Sony camp, if PSN hadn't been suffering similar issues since Lizard Squad allegedly took both services down with DDoS attacks over the holidays. This may simply be a case of Anonymous trolling the public, as they stated on Twitter three days ago.

The service for Xbox One owners gives an error code when you try to sign in, as reflected on the official Xbox Live status page.

"Are you getting a 0x80048834 error when trying to sign in to Xbox Live? As we write this, our engineers are working to provide a fix. Thanks for staying patient, Xbox members! We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more."

The first case of the problem bringing Xbox Live down was allegedly fixed in the early hours of the morning, but the problem has persisted for Xbox One owners.

This is especially frustrating when several digital download games on Xbox One use DRM (digital rights management) to verify that you own the game you're playing, and you're not running a pirated copy. Without a connection to the service, however, many games such as Titanfall and Killer Instinct are unplayable.

Business Insider claims that the outage was actually caused by a bad software update, and not hackers or DDoS attacks. If human error is the real problem, the Xbox Live down status may be fixed as soon as the next update likely gets rushed out to upset gamers.

Were you one of those affected by the outage?

[Image via Attack of the Fanboy, Techno Buffalo]