Demi Rose Looks Like A Snack Spilling Out Of Orange Bikini On The Beach

Demi Rose attends KISS Haunted house Party 2018 at The SSE Arena, Wembley on October 26, 2018 in London, England.
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Life’s literally a beach for Demi Rose. The British model seems to have shorefront lounging as a perk of her Instagram modeling career, although recent images published by Daily Mail gave fans a little info: this 24-year-old puts a lot more work into her photoshoots than initially meets the eye.

Demi took to her Instagram stories today with what appeared to be a reminder of how she likes to unwind. The model was lounging around on a beach, but her being joined by photographer Danny DeSantos suggested that some work was going to get done. The story may not have delivered Demi in her usual, spot-on poses, but the low-frills and candid feel was still ticking boxes for seeing this beauty in a two-piece.

Demi appeared in the world’s tiniest orange bikini. The Brit’s ample assets were on show – while the image wasn’t a full-length display, the smartphone filming her did move from her face and upper body down to her legs. Fans saw a toned pair of pins alongside Demi’s super-sexy cleavage, but with most of the footage focusing on Demi up top, it seemed like the model was out to showcase her face and the refreshing accessory that was joining her today: her sipping an iced cocktail. The model also appeared to have a cute pair of shades shielding her eyes from the sun’s bright rays.

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With Demi’s recent travels to Bali showing her in zen-like settings with blissful and lush backdrops, it’s little surprise that this model has a slight spiritual side. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Demi has opened up to her social media followers about her inner philosophies and how good vibes from others factor into her ability to live life to the fullest.

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“Giving thanks and appreciation to all that is good in my life. For the amazing people that I know, the opportunities I get given, my health and my spirit. The power is in the prayer. I’m always feeling so blessed and I wish nothing but blessings to you all,” she wrote.

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“I don’t need much but to appreciate everyday, be healthy, be happy. Be kind, inspire others and to help people as much as I can. Most importantly I want to learn, grow and develop a better connection with myself. Everyday I aspire to become a better person than I was yesterday. Self love is so important!” she said in another caption.

It looks like Demi has been embracing her setting, alongside the team working with her. Fans may well see her orange bikini pop up in a permanent post, although there’s no guarantee.