Miranda Kerr Sizzles In Daisy Dukes, Shares Diet Secrets

Rich FuryGetty Images

Australian bombshell Miranda Kerr may have first captured an international audience’s attention when she strutted her stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalk. However, now, while she still models from time to time, she’s an entrepreneur at the helm of her very own company, Kora Organics.

Kerr’s Instagram feed is packed with stunning shots of herself posing in nature and promoting Kora Organics in some way — and her latest shot is no different.

In her most recent snap, Kerr rocked a pair of minuscule Daisy Dukes that showed off her toned thighs and a white top that left her arms and back on display. The overall look was perfect for summer. Her hair was down in loose, wind-swept waves, and she wore minimal makeup.

Kerr posed with a bike and a bag packed with green, leafy vegetables that hung off one of the handlebars. In the background was a wooden fence and plenty of lush greenery. Kerr looked absolutely stunning in the shot, and her 12.1 million Instagram followers seemed to agree. The snap received over 189,000 likes within just 11 hours, including a like from dancer turned actress Jenna Dewan.

In the caption, Kerr directed her fans towards a link on her brand’s blog, where she penned a post that explained some of her diet secrets behind her incredible physique. It turns out, Kerr follows the fairly common 80/20 rule. The diet secret is about as basic as it comes — the Aussie beauty eats healthy foods 80 percent of the time, and that remaining 20 percent is when she allows herself to eat treats and other more decadent foods she loves in moderation.

She also shared a wide variety of tips for healthy eating in general, from packing your plate with colorful foods, using herbs and oils to add flavor, incorporating dairy-free milk, and more.

Kerr revealed some of her favorite indulgences, sharing that she absolutely loves french fries, her husband Evan Spiegel’s homemade burgers, ice cream and apple pie, and triple cream goat cheese.

Jenna Dewan, who is also known for her incredible body, agreed with Kerr’s diet philosophy. In the comments section, she told her that she too likes the 80/20 rule.

“My way of living too! Balance,” one fan commented.

“Wow you are beautiful,” another fan added, caring more about Kerr’s beauty than her diet tips.

“Health inspiration,” another fan said.

In the blog post she wrote on the Kora Organics website, Kerr encouraged all her readers to indulge from time to time in order to have a healthy approach to eating.

“If you’re craving something, go with it, and don’t feel guilty… the 80/20 rule is all about guilt-free moderation, which is a realistic long-term approach to overall wellness and happiness!”