Jojo Babie Rocks Red Booty Shorts & Heels


Jojo Babie continued to promote 1st Phorm supplements in her newest Instagram post. And this time, she opted to pose in a revealing pair of shorts that has her fans talking. The photo has over 37,000 likes so far.

Babie was spotted in a black sports bra and bright red booty shorts. She also wore a pair of dressy high heels and completed the look with reflective aviator sunglasses.

The model angled her back towards the camera and showed off her curvy derriere. At the same time, she placed her hands in front of her, while looking over her left shoulder. She wore her hair down in a side part.

Babie stood in a parking lot, across the street from bright yellow buildings.

Jojo’s fans gushed about her athletic look in the comments section.

“Looking good my friend,” complimented a fan.

“Mmm wow. I love it babie,” said another fan.

Others focused on the captions and her tight, red shorts.

“You definitely didn’t skip leg day, Jojo,” noticed a follower.

“Those hug your booty perfectly makes your outfit look so much better,” said another follower.

“When you gotta be classy and practical at the same time,” joked a fan.

“And wearing my two favorite colors,” said an Instagram user, noting Jojo’s red-and-black look.

“The shorts are cool but the wearer makes the shorts perfect,” complimented a fan.

“Oh yes, and THOSE legs should always be out,” noted a follower.

Other fans also jumped in with nice comments.

“Why do u have to be so perfect,” asked a follower.

“Uhhhh what was the question!!! lol Got distracted for a sec!! Hahaha @jojo_babie How was your day J,” joked a fan.

In addition, Jojo shared several Instagram Stories, one which promoted her newest post. Plus, she posted a photo of a bottle of a 1st Phorm supplement, along with a screenshot of a joke she saw.

It’s fairly typical for Jojo to promote the supplements. After all, one of the main ways in which Instagram models make an income is by posting promotional content. These partnerships usually pay models per post, but these influencers can also have longer-term gigs with brands.

In Babie’s case, this translates to a steady stream of photos to promote a variety of products, which range from nutrition bars to powders that you can put in shakes.

With that being said, it sounds like many of Jojo’s fans get very distracted when they see her photos.