Neuroscientist ‘Sports Illustrated’ Hottie Clarissa Bowers Sizzles In Red String Bikini

Clarissa Bowers poses for a photo
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Being a brainiac never did quite fit the model stereotype. People tend to assume that for swimsuit models, intelligence isn’t their greatest asset, although one girl is out to prove the world wrong. Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue model Clarissa Bowers has just been profiled by the magazine for its Swim Search Sweet 17, with a full interview letting fans know that Clarissa has as much brainpower as she has beauty.

Earlier today, Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue updated its Instagram. Clarissa had landed herself a full feature, including a photoshoot that showcased her sizzling body. The blonde had opted for a bold red bikini with a halterneck and string ties – while the two-piece wasn’t the world’s tiniest, it nonetheless highlighted Clarissa’s fierce physique. The model’s rock-hard abs, curvy waist, and golden tan were on full display, with fans also seeing a little cleavage. Clarissa posed for her photo in semi-profile positioning, with her minimal makeup proving that this beauty doesn’t need much on the cosmetics front.

A lengthy caption from the model explained that she’d always wanted to become a physician, although the words stated that she’d gone down the neuroscience route. Clarissa was able to offer more information via her Sports Illustrated feature today.

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#SISwimSearch Sweet 17: Meet Clarissa Bowers⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “From an early age, I had a deep desire to help improve the lives of others, and I felt that medicine was the best way for me to accomplish that. When selecting my pre-med major, I gravitated towards Vanderbilt’s neuroscience program…It has been an interesting experience balancing both education and modeling. I have been very fortunate to surround myself with family, friends, and colleagues who support me in all of my endeavors. However, I am no stranger to being told I do not belong in my field after someone has taken a glance at my social media. I often feel as though I have to work and study twice as hard in order to earn the respect of my peers and be taken seriously in academic environments.” – @clarissabowers⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Click the link in bio to learn more about Clarissa! ✨

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“The brain is like a new frontier, as vast and full of the unknown as space. I have always been fascinated with the human mind and understanding why people do what they do on a neurobiological basis.”

It looked like the science talk just kept coming.

“It is very exciting to be a part of a field in which so many discoveries are made each day, and I knew this was a field that would constantly present me with new and exciting challenges. From an early age, I had a deep desire to help improve the lives of others, and I felt that medicine was the best way for me to accomplish that,” Clarissa added.

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Summer ‘19 ????

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Fans did, however, learn a little more about the blonde’s modeling background. Clarissa revealed that she kicked off her modeling career in her early teens, although she admitted that watching her shape proved to be a challenge. The model’s confidence was bashed by industry professionals, leading her to quit. Once she was finally happy with her frame, she made her return to the realm. Her words suggested that she is now comfortable in her own skin and has realized that a few curves are still very much desired by the world of swimsuit modeling.

Clarissa has 31,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to keep tabs on this hottie should follow her account.