Hannah Palmer Blows Instagram’s Mind In Latex Pink Bikini Against A Stormy Sky

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Hannah Palmer is proving that she’s a beach lover regardless of the weather. The Maxim model may largely appear on sun-drenched shores for her Bang Energy promotions, but this is one ocean enthusiast who can handle a stormy sky. The blonde has updated her Instagram from a beach that may have been expecting rain, although fans would likely argue that Hannah herself brought plenty of light to the post.

Earlier today, Hannah updated her account. The Arizona native was in her signature swimwear, with her trademark girly vibe also manifesting. Hannah had opted for a super-cute and super-tiny pink bikini with a latex finish, and this girl knows how to up the ante. Hannah was photographed right on the sand with the ocean behind her a little blurred, although fans could see the sky backdrop. It even seemed to have factored into Hannah’s caption as well.

Hannah herself appeared markedly fuss-free. A little glitz will feature on this Instagram star’s feed from time to time, but fans of Hannah will know that she ultimately opts for easygoing when she can. Hannah was rocking her bikini with a smile on her face and zero accessories. The model did, however, appear to be wearing a touch of makeup to enhance her naturally beautiful features. Hannah’s sexy cleavage, rock-hard abs, and curvy hips were on show, with fans also seeing the model’s year-round tan.

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who else loves gloomy weather ????

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It looks like Hannah’s update today is blowing Instagram’s mind. While a fair few responses came in regarding Hannah’s caption, the majority of replies simply seemed to find fans floored over the model herself.

“Now that is a body. Holy moly,” one fan wrote.

“One of the sexiest women on the planet!” another stated.

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A rather emotional response came in from an account with a male profile picture.

“Your smile and eyes are heavenly seriously I respect u [sic] have my heart as never have luck to have such a queen as my wife is in heaven but I send much love respect and support in your Ender’s xo Jamie Am the Canadian country boy,” the user wrote.

Hannah’s post quickly found its comments section filled with love and positive messages. Many fans opted for emoji responses, with fire and heart ones appearing the most popular. Of course, many of the model’s followers took a moment to remind her of how highly they rank her.

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bringing back the 7th grade crimps

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“GODDESS LEVEL STATUS. That’s a fact,” one fan stated.

Hannah’s update also proved popular in very little time, racking up over 17,000 likes within just one hour of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Hannah should subscribe to her Instagram updates.