'Controversial' Tomi Lahren Announces Athleisure Line In Instagram Post Aimed At Critics

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren knows that she's controversial, but that isn't stopping her from telling her critics to "watch" as she launches a seemingly-patriotic themed line of athleisure wear called "Freedom."

According to an Instagram post the conservative commentator posted Friday, some have allegedly told Lahren that she was too controversial to launch a line of her own, but nevertheless, she seems to have persisted.

"Move over Ralph Lauren... it's the year of Tomi," one user commented on the Instagram post.

According to an article from Forbes last year that explains the popular clothing phenomenon, "athleisure" is a form of clothing that has a focus on "form-fitting, athletic-inspired" items. Forbes said that while athleisure clothing is designed to appear athletic, its design typically serves no technical function.

The clothing style seems to originate from popular brand Lululemon, which was founded about two decades ago, though the term was coined by the fashion industry in New York much later.

Meanwhile, as Lahren admits, the television host has been a party in various controversies since she burst onto the scene as a political commentator on The Blaze in 2016 with her former nightly show Tomi.

In 2017, however, the 27-year-old television personality was fired from the network following comments she made about abortion during an appearance on ABC's The View. Lahren admitted that her limited-stance government views meant that she was pro-choice. Lahren was suspended and eventually terminated by the Glenn Beck-founded network following her comments.

Lahren sued the network for wrongful termination, the network countersued, and the two parties eventually finally parted ways in May of that year following a settlement, per Marie Claire.

According to People, the conservative-television-host-turned-clothing-designer has made a share of comments that people have deemed racist. When still employed by The Blaze, Lahren once said that Beyoncé's 2013 performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show was the singer's attempt to prove that "black lives matter more."

In a similar vein, Lahren once compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK.

Lahren, meanwhile, was hired by Fox News in 2017 not long after her dismissal from The Blaze as a contributor, per The Hollywood Reporter. According to a report from Deadline last year, Lahren was tapped by the network to host two segments on its digital offering, Fox Nation. Lahren delivers a morning report called First Thoughts and an afternoon show called Final Thoughts.

"Final Thoughts" was the name of a segment on Lahren's show on The Blaze, which often led to viral clips on social media of Lahren passionately espousing her conservative political views.

The new line, which is available for purchase now, is part of a partnership with Alexo.