Prince Charles’ Goddaughter, India Hicks, Looks Smoking Hot In Poolside Swimsuit From The Bahamas

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Prince Charles’ goddaughter is making headlines. India Hicks has fronted The Daily Mail this week on account of opening up her luxury Bahamas home to the public via her social media. The 51-year-old ditched her British homeland for the Caribbean over 22 years ago – clearly, this blue-blooded lady has fallen completely in love with the exotic island.

As The Daily Mail reports, India and long-term partner David Flint Wood share a luxurious and sprawling villa in the Bahamas. The property boasts ocean vistas and a pool, where India posed by in The Daily Mail‘s report. The image saw India looking demure, relaxed, and sexy all at once as she dipped one leg into the waters and showcased her summer body in a black swimsuit with long sleeves. The photo definitely ticked boxes on the glam front, as chic monochrome handbags were seen next to India and what appeared to be the family’s dog.

Photos also seemed to show that India has a major knack for interior design. Minimalist interiors in white hues showed perspex furniture and discreet wall hangings. Images also reminded fans that the Caribbean heat drives India and her family to enjoy an alfresco lifestyle; a beautifully laid-out dining table with floral centerpieces was featured in the newspaper’s report.

India has her own e-commerce business. India Hicks Style kicked off in 2015, with India’s social media partly focused on promoting her products of jewelry, home goods, cosmetics, and accessories. India Hicks Style’s website offers an insight into the company’s CEO with what appears to be a mention of Hicks’ proud English roots.

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Eleven years ago Felix, David and I drove down Eleuthera in search of a stray puppy to adopt. Felix found him, sheltering under a wooden shack. With a little encouragement he crept forward enough for Felix to lift him out and up into his arms. . The Bahamian lady beside her fruit stall across the road watched. “Can we have the puppy?” we asked “Buy a watermelon” she replied . We returned to the car, watermelon in one hand, puppy in the other. As we drove past Blanche and her fruit stand we wound down the window “Thank you for puppy” we called. “That ain’t my puppy” Blanche replied. . Today Samson left us. His heart stopped beating, under the shade of a ponciana tree with all of us there together, as Felix held him in his arms one last time.. . ???? @brittangoetz

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“Each piece, designed by India and inspired by her British heritage, island life, and madcap daydreams, has a story. These stories (and collections) are shared by our Ambassadors, with friends old and new… Building strong, solid businesses without ever having to go into an office again.”

“After years of creating collections for traditional retail, she decided to take a different, and far more personal, route in launching her own brand. ‘I didn’t want my product sitting cold on the shelves of a Bergdorf Goodman,'” the site adds.

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‘….mankind owes to the child the best it has to give’ I was invited to write a letter to my children, to be included in Grace Mother’s (@thegracetales) a book celebrating, cherishing and valuing our role as mamas. I became pregnant with Felix, my beloved stormy first born, just a few months after moving to a small island in the middle of the Caribbean. Wesley appeared a little after Felix. How thankful I am he later became our child. Amory's wild and beautiful imagination has always been fueled by our island life. Conrad, ever hopeful, often in search of the perfect wave, has an infectious enthusiasm. And Domino is growing up in the true spirit of the Bond girl she was named after. The greatest gift I have ever received is the love from all of my five children. In my letter I remind them that your childhood isn’t who you are, its just the opening chapter. You are the person who gets to write the rest of the story. So write a good one. #mothersday @sarahwoodphotography. (My kids wear a ‘Domino’ charm to mark the month they were born- Shop yours in my profile link)

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India is a mother. Her children are 22-year-old Wesley, 21-year-old Felix, 19-year-old Conrad, and 11-year-old Domino. The family does feature on India’s social media, as beautiful family snaps show this mother enjoying quality time with her children.

India’s background includes modeling as well. The second cousin to the Prince of Wales has modeled for American clothing designer Ralph Lauren. Fans who wish to see more of India should follow her Instagram.