‘General Hospital’ Star Kirsten Storms Injured, Actress Jokes About Activity Restrictions During Recovery

Kirsten Storms plays Maxie on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms just took to Instagram to share some upsetting news with her fans. The actress, who plays Maxie on the ABC soap, just sustained an injury that is definitely going to cramp her style.

Storms shared a selfie via Instagram, and it shows her wearing a brace on one of her wrists. Kirsten detailed that the good news is that she didn’t break any bones. The bad news, the General Hospital star says, is that she has been told by her doctor to rest her left hand for a while.

It sounds as if Kirsten was heading down a Slip and Slide outdoors, surely while playing with her daughter Harper, when the injury occurred. A sprinkler head under the Slip and Slide seemingly caught Storms as she slid down and now she’s got a very swollen and bruised left arm.

Those who follow Storms on Instagram know that she and her co-star Emme Rylan (Lulu) are quite passionate about knitting. Apparently, one of Kirsten’s first questions for her doctor was whether this injury meant she had to stop knitting for now. It seems that her doctor may have been a little surprised by this particular question, and the General Hospital star tried to knit soon after getting home anyway.

Kirsten and Emme have inspired many of their General Hospital fans to knit along with them this summer. The two General Hospital stars have started a hashtag to document their “knit along,” and they have been coaching followers on how to knit a bag or a sweater. Storms insists that this hand injury is not going to keep her from finishing her cardigan sweater.

Will the General Hospital star’s injury end up being incorporated into Kirsten’s storyline? That much isn’t known yet, and this may be something the crew can work around. As it happens, this is just the latest of several cast injuries that have happened this summer.

The Inquisitr recently noted that Laura Wright (Carly) broke her foot a few weeks ago. She is using a scooter to get around for now, just like co-star Kin Shriner (Scott) had to do for a while this summer, too. In addition, Leslie Charleson (Monica) recently had surgery on her hand after injuring it while rescuing her tortoise from a hillside.

Although Kirsten Storms appears to be in a fair amount of pain with this fresh injury, it looks like she’s doing her best to maintain a sense of humor about it. General Hospital fans will need to wait a while to see if this injury shows up for Maxie on-screen, and they’ll be hoping that the actress can get back to her regular knitting pace quickly.