Megan Thee Stallion Rocks Sexy Crop Top And Sports Leggings As She Goes For A Hike

John SciulliGetty Images for Beautycon

Megan Thee Stallion is known for being social media’s resident hot girl, but the reality is that she works really hard to maintain her incredible body.

On Thursday, the rapper took to her Instagram page to share a video of her going on what appeared to be a super difficult hike. It looked like she was hiking Runyon Canyon, a popular trail in Los Angeles, and she was completely out of breath once she got to the top. In the clip, Meg’s friend films her walking uphill while carrying a bottle of water and looking exhausted.

She donned a sexy outfit that consisted of a black sports crop top and leggings combo, which allowed her to showcase her toned stomach and hourglass curves. The skintight leggings hugged her world-famous booty perfectly, while the top had a couple of pink and green details on it as well as a zip across the front. Megan completed the look with some comfortable sneakers and protected her face from the scorching sun rays with a blue baseball cap. According to her caption, she wore an all-Puma ensemble.

The Houston native took a sip of water while her pal asked her to explain where they were. She looked tired but nevertheless upbeat, marveling at the beauty of the surrounding scenery. When they eventually got to the top, her friend asked, “how was your experience?”

“I ain’t gon cap, I’m half dead,” she honestly replied.

Still, it seems like the video was quite entertaining to many of her whopping 4.2 million Instagram followers, as it racked up over 1 million views. Her fans also took to the comment section to leave their thoughts, with many pointing out that the hike must be really difficult if even “Hot Girl Meg” struggled to finish it.

“If Meg’s legs struggled there is no hope for ours on this jawn,” one person wrote.

Another online user added, “Damn if those knees can’t even make it up there then god knows I won’t even be able to make the first step.”

One fan replied to her “half-dead” quote by writing, “lmfaooo that’s me walking up them school stairs.”

But another follower, who is a personal trainer, came to her defense.

“Nah she speaking facts!! That canyon is real and I’m a damn athlete!!”

However, many the comments were actually related to the much-anticipated “Hot Girl Summer” music video, which fans are begging Megan to release ASAP.