Australian Bombshell Madi Edwards Wows Fans In Revealing Lingerie

Madi EdwardsInstagram

Madi Edwards turned up the heat on Instagram with her latest post. The beauty donned a strappy lingerie ensemble that showcased her incredible body.

In the photo, Edwards stood in a bedroom and took a selfie with a bed behind her. She wore a red lace lingerie set that featured panties with strappy sides and a garter belt. She also wore red thigh-high stockings to complete the sexy vibe. The corseted bralette had a low neckline, which accentuated Edwards’ ample chest. Edwards’ phone covered most of her face, but that didn’t stop the snap from looking hot.

The model’s fans loved the saucy photo.

“I actually can’t handle your hotness,” one follower joked.

“Holy smokes,” one fan quipped.

“So hot. Out if [sic] this world,” wrote another.

One admirer told Edwards she was “amazingly gorgeous” and had a “stunning body.”

The beauty does have an incredible body. In an interview with Maxim magazine, Edwards said that fitness was one of her hobbies. She said at one point, she was training in hopes to make it to the Olympics one day.

However, all of that changed when she was presented with an opportunity to model. She said that she knew she could not train and model at the same time, so she decided to stick with modeling. She also said that she felt like she made the right choice because modeling has allowed her to experience many exciting opportunities and meet amazing people.

Edwards said that while she loves modeling, it was not always as glamorous as it appears. The job came with long hours, a lot of flying, and a certain amount of judgment. But even with all of the negatives, she said she wouldn’t change her job for the world.

She also said that she was a beach baby.

“If I could live in the ocean and under the sun I would,” she said adding that she started swimming at a young age.

There’s no doubt Edwards has the body for modeling, and judging from her Instagram page, she spends as much time as possible in a bikini.

When asked how she kept her fans coming back for more, she said it boiled down to being real.

“It’s all about being down to earth and not letting anything get to your head. I pride myself on being fun and kind and creating an energy where hopefully they will want to return,” she said.