Melissa Joan Hart Shares Wedding Throwback Snaps Posed In A Pool In Her Dress

Melissa Joan Hart attends the premiere of Disney's "Nutcracker And The Four Realms."
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Actress Melissa Joan Hart has been on television screens for decades now. Many fans know her from her earlier roles in shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. More recently she has appeared in the sitcoms Melissa & Joey and the new Netflix sitcom No Good Nick. Some fans may also know her from her made-for-television Christmas movies.

Hart is also a mom, as she makes sure to state in her Instagram bio, and she has been married to her husband Mark Wilkerson since 2003. Recently, she shared few throwback snaps from her wedding day with her 1.1 million eager Instagram followers. The shots are somewhat candid and show an intimate side of the special day.

In the first snap, Hart posed in her dress and was sitting down with her husband’s head on her lap. The duo had already tied the knot, as there was a wedding band visible on her husband’s finger, and the snap was from later in the evening. Hart’s strapless dress flaunted some major cleavage, and she accessorized with a necklace and tiara. Her husband’s head was in her lap as she draped her arm across his back.

In the second snap, Hart sat on the edge of a pool with her feet dipped in the cool water. Her dress was spread out around her on the pool’s edge, and her ruffled garter was visible as she hiked up her skirts. She leaned forward slightly, putting even more of her cleavage on display.

As she explained in the caption of the snap, their wedding day ended up being sizzling hot, and so they all made the decision to cool off in the pool to combat the heat a bit, even though they were dressed in formal attire.

The third and final snap in the post features Hart and her husband as they sat on the ledge of the pool together. Both of them had their legs dangling into the cool pool water as they looked at one another and appeared to be deep in conversation. A few of their guests were visible on the ledge of the pool near them, and there were plenty of guests dressed in their formal best in the background.

Hart also explained in the caption that she finally made the decision to have her wedding photos digitized, which could be another reason she decided to share the sweet shots with her fans. The post received over 54,000 likes from her followers.

“These are priceless,” one follower commented.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day,” another fan said.