‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden’s Secret Revealed, But Finn Is Still In The Dark

Hayden has a lot of explaining to do.

General Hospital star Michael Easton.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Hayden has a lot of explaining to do.

General Hospital viewers already knew that Hayden Barnes had a secret that she is keeping from Finn, but only a part of it. On Thursday’s show, there was more revealed about the baby that she was carrying when she left Port Charles in 2017. Now she is back, but no child seems to be in Hayden’s life. Well, that is until now.

Hayden is staying with sister Elizabeth while Franco is busy being Drew. Fans have noticed that she has softened up a bit since she returned to town. Even Finn has noticed the change. That could be because she is now a mother, but no one else knows that. As far as Finn, Liz, or anyone else knows, Hayden miscarried her baby right after she left two years ago. Fans have been wondering if she did have the baby and what happened to it. On Thursday, it was revealed that her child is alive and well. She and Finn have a little girl. She was on the phone with her daughter saying that she was so happy to hear her voice.

However, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that Hayden will pay a price for deceiving someone. It stands to reason that person is Finn. She is obviously keeping his daughter away from him. No one knows exactly why. Maybe she is just trying to find the right time, especially since he is now engaged to Anna Devane.

Another question that will eventually get answered is why she left her daughter in the first place to come to Port Charles. It sounds like she is staying for good, so she will eventually have to tell Finn the truth. It’s quite possible that her secret will come out when Anna arrives back home. Actress Finola Hughes is back on the set after her summer vacation away, so look for Anna and Hayden to have plenty of scenes together.


Hayden is not over Finn, and she will find just the right time to reveal that he is a daddy to their daughter. That will either bring them back together or Finn will explode on Hayden for lying to him. What price will she end up paying? Will this be the one thing that Finn just can’t forgive her for?

Now that fans know that Finn has a daughter and she seems to be just fine, it will only be a matter of time before he finds out. Stay tuned for the big reveal on General Hospital.