Cindy Kimberly’s Flirty ‘Harry Potter’ Look Has Fans Going Wild

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Cindy Kimberly shared a set of four new photos a couple of days ago, and they proved to be very popular, garnering over 524,000 likes.

The first photo of the set showed Cindy posing in front of an elaborate window on a stairwell. She wore an orange, long-sleeved shirt with four buttons down the front. The model opted to go shirtless underneath as her midriff peeked through. She placed her hands by her hair, as she appeared to be caught in the middle of playing with her locks.

In addition to the orange top, Kimberly wore a pair of light, high-waisted denim pants. But what set these photos apart from her usual images was her glasses.

The glasses gave off their own vibe as Cindy shared additional selfies in the photoset. These selfies revealed more of her backdrop, which included an elaborate chandelier and ornate detailing on the walls.

Cindy also wore light-pink lipstick and heavy mascara as she gave multiple looks in different selfies. It also looked like she wore heavy blush in a couple of the photos, although it wasn’t as prominent in her selfies.

Kimberly pouted, smiled and gave off a smoldering look throughout the series of photos.

Many of Cindy’s fans left her positive comments, with plenty of followers making references to her captions, which mentioned Harry Potter.

“Omg harry looks good in here,” wrote one fan.

Among the fans that referenced Harry Potter, there were plenty of people who focused on the glasses.

“Ugh yes stan the glasses,” declared a follower.

“Love your new glasses,” added another follower.

“Riddikulus,” commented a fan, making a pun while referring to the Potter series.

“You can cast a spell on me any time,” joked another fan.

There were some fans, however, that focused on Cindy’s good looks.

“Thank you for not facetuning your beautiful body and making us all feel fat. Every body/person is perfect in it’s [sic] own way! Thanks for showing a good example,” thanked a fan.

“Pure beauty, this is revival content here. sheesh!” exclaimed another follower.

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you’re a wizard Harry! @revolve top

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There were also tons of people that thought Cindy looked more like a teacher, rather than a fan of Harry Potter.

“You look like a french teacher who only knows the word oui,” joked a fan.

“Imagine your teacher is absent and she walks in as your substitute…” wrote another fan.

“U look like my art teacher,” stated a follower.

“If you were my teacher ughhh,” wrote another Instagram user.