‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Derek Peth Seemingly Gets ‘The Bachelor’ Bid From Colton Underwood

Derek Peth wears a suit.
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Derek Peth’s newest Instagram post was from two days ago. The timing coincided with Bachelor in Paradise episodes that revealed the outcome of the Demi-Derek-Kristian love triangle.

The love triangle, however, seemed to collapse almost immediately upon the entrance of Kristian onto the show. The addition of a non-Bachelor Nation cast member on BiP was an unprecedented move by producers.

This move also left Derek to deal with heartbreak. Because after all, Demi and Derek seemed to share a fairly strong bond in the earlier episodes.

And at this point in BiP, many fans are hoping that Peth will go on to become the next Bachelor. They took to his newest Instagram post to share their thoughts on the matter.

In particular, a comment by prior Bachelor star Colton Underwood received over 2,400 likes.

“You have the bachelor ‘look off in the distance and pretend to think hard’ thing down already!” he exclaimed.

This was taken by many people as Colton having some sort of insider knowledge of Derek being the next star of The Bachelor.

“Sounds like u know something noone else knows……. Derek is the next bachelor?? Spoiler lol but im ok with that!” responded a fan, whose sentiments were echoed by many others.

And it wasn’t just Colton that hinted at Derek’s candidacy as the next star on the show. Another fan comment, which received over 3,000 likes, seemed to kick of a popular hashtag.

“I’m all in on #DerekforBachelor,” they said.

Still, others joked about the look that Peth was giving in the photo. Wells Adams chimed in with a comment that was liked over 2,700 times.

“Fun fact, he’s looking at me,” he joked.

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On the other hand, there were plenty of followers that shared their feelings on the Demi situation.

“So unfair that kristian got to stay. She and Demi should have left. Boo Chris Harrison,” complained a fan.

“Seriously I feel so bad for how you were treated by the show. I feel like it was so inappropriate for them to keep Demi and Kristian on the show…,” added another fan.

It’s becoming fairly typical for rejected cast members on BiP to get tons of love and support from fans and fellow cast members. So it’s not a huge surprise that Derek is getting an outpouring of compassion from people.

Demi has also been getting slammed on her Instagram page over her relationship with Kristian.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Colton is right.