‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Demi Burnett Continues To Be Slammed On Insta For On-Air Romance With Kristian

Demi Burnett wears a black dress.
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Demi Burnett’s Instagram posts have seemingly become a place for Bachelor in Paradise fans to sound off on their strong opinions. The newest episodes, which revealed the entrance of her girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty, have proved to be divisive and controversial.

Many of the talking points were previously hashed out by Reality Steve, who is known for his spoilers related to Bachelor Nation.

So perhaps it’s not a huge surprise that Demi’s newest Instagram post, which showed her posing alongside her girlfriend and Justin Sylvester, drew tons of critical messages. The photo was taken from the set of Daily Pop, and Demi wore a floral dress, while Kristian opted for a white dress with small polka dots.

But many of the comments were focused on BiP, rather than the actual picture.

One fan complained about Kristian’s appearance, which deviated from the norm.

“Your girl coming to the show totally ruined what bachelor in paradise stands for. She is not from Bachelor nation!!” they exclaimed.

Another fan criticized Burnett’s choice to head to paradise.

“You should have not come to paradise if you had a parter/gf/soulmate/etc,” they commented.

The idea that cast members shouldn’t have boyfriends or girlfriends before heading to the Bachelor franchise shows is nothing new. In the past, when a cast mate has been ousted for having a prior relationship, they’re usually bashed, and their intentions scrutinized.

“Seems she was hired for drama position on both shows. She should go home with her gf,” commented an Instagram user.

In addition, another Instagram user hashed out one of the common complaints that is surfacing against Demi.

“Hey Demi… HAD YOU BEEN DATING ANOTHER MAN. ( like you criticized that guy on Hanna’s season for coming on the show when he was in a relationship) you would have been in the same spot and people would have hated on you. BUT since you were in a queer relationship it’s now acceptable,” they said.

It’s not news for Bachelor Nation fans that Demi is the first non-heterosexual cast member. For this reason alone, her appearance is breaking new ground.

At the same time, bringing on an “outsider” like Kristian as a cast member on BiP has also never been done before. And many people can’t imagine such concessions being made for any other contestant.

Many fans are feeling badly for Derek Peth, who seemingly had a good thing going with Burnett at first. But now that he’s been sidelined with the entrance of Kristian, it doesn’t seem like he is on the right path to find everlasting love on the show.

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