Padma Lakshmi Rocks Turquoise Bikini Top & Catches A Crab

Padma Lakshmi wears a silver dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi shared a brand new video with her Instagram fans today, and it showed her going crabbing with a handheld net. The video’s been watched over 60,000 times so far.

The TV personality and model was spotted in a bright, turquoise bikini top, and she had wrapped a red sweater around her waist. She also accessorized with a straw, summer hat, which had orange, horizontal stripes. Padma also wore her hair down, and stood in shallow waters.

Lakshmi also held a long net with a white handle. She was spotted from the side at the beginning of the clip, as she made her move quickly to capture a crab. She was spotted smiling widely as she was successful.

Padma received mostly positive comments about her crabbing expedition.

“Nice goin Padma! What is it with the ocean today. Just passed a post by Tom C and his big catch You better be eating that crab grrrl!!” said a fan, likely referring to Tom Colicchio, who is a judge on Top Chef.

“Oh yes it’s eaten, in a pot and in my tummy already!” responded Padma.

Others joked with the model.

“Nothing like a beautiful woman with crabs. Wait. No. That didn’t sound right,” said a follower.

“Thank you for the slow mo ‘it’s a big one’. lol I really needed that,” noted a fan.

“Quick like a cat!” exclaimed another fan.

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Got ‘em! ???????? #crabbin #summertime

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But not everyone who commented on the post had nice things to say. In fact, there were several comments by disgruntled people, who may be vegans.

“He’s fighting for his life,” observed an Instagram user, referring to the captured crab.

“Leave the [crab] alone,” stated another Instagram user, who used the crab emoji to make their point.

At the same time, others reminisced about their past experiences going crabbing.

“As a child in south jersey we crabbed from a flat bottom boat with fish heads,” shared a fan.

Two days ago, Padma shared a photo of herself manning the grill at a BBQ. She posed with her left shoulder facing the camera, as she sported a casual bun. She wore a blue tank top, which she tucked into her jeans.

Lakshmi also wore multiple bracelets on her left wrist, along with a black belt. It didn’t look like she wore very much makeup, save for lip liner and pink lipstick. She was caught mid-smile for the shot, as she held tongs in her right hand. At the same time, she placed her hand on her hip.

The photo received over 17,000 likes.