Brooke Burke Nude In Artistic Black-And-White Instagram Snap

Brooke Burke attends the 12th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball.
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Model Brooke Burke has posed in skimpy swimwear more times than she can likely count, and she’s not about to start covering up just because she’s approaching 50 years of age. The brunette bombshell is still proud to flaunt the body she works so hard on. After all, given that she has her own fitness app, Brooke Burke Body, which she links to in her Instagram bio, it only makes sense that she’d want to showcase her physique.

In a recent Instagram snap, Burke shared a whole lot more than many fans expected by posting a photo in which she was completely nude. Burke posed perched on a rock in Malibu, in an artistic black-and-white shot taken by photographer Brian Bowen Smith. The shot wasn’t exactly styled as a sexy photoshoot, despite Burke’s lack of clothing. Her body was slightly contorted in a unique pose, and her face had a playful expression of joy rather than a seductive look.

In the snap, her hair appeared slightly damp with beachy waves, and the water pounded on the rocks behind her. Burke had one knee up in the pose, blocking part of her upper body, and the other NSFW details were covered up with a cartoon star for Instagram.

Burke’s followers absolutely loved the sizzling-hot shot, and the snap received over 11,000 likes, including a like from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna.

Her followers shared their thoughts in the comments section, and couldn’t seem to believe how incredible Burke looks, year after year. The brunette bombshell doesn’t appear to age, and her physique just continues to stun fans.

“Head to toe vision of loveliness,” one follower commented.

“One of the hottest mom ever in the entire planet,” another said.

“I vote re-post without the star,” one particularly saucy follower commented, wanting to get the full, uncensored look at the photo.

Another fan seemed to want even more sexy snaps of Burke, preferably one for every month of the year.

“Would you ever do a calendar again? These photos are amazing.”

Yet another fan confessed that he has had a crush on Burke for many years, since her earlier days on television.

“You’ve been my crush since Wild on E!”

Brian Bowen Smith, the photographer responsible for the sizzling shot, is a bit of a celebrity in his own right. He has 121,000 followers on Instagram who are eager to get a glimpse of his latest snaps, and he recently reposted the steamy shot of Burke with the caption, “looks like summer is not over.”