Bieber Meltdown Addressed By Pop Singer On Twitter

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has addressed recent meltdown rumors on Twitter.

The “Boyfriend” singer has been in the spotlight a lot over the past few days. In addition to having what he felt was the “worst birthday” in recorded history, Bieber also showed up very late to a recent show in the United Kingdom.

According to the New York Post, Bieber recently talked about these meltdown rumors on Twitter. Although the singer may not respond to every story he reads, it’s apparent that he’s aware of what’s being said about him in the press.

The website explained that Bieber issued around a dozen tweets in approximately 10 minutes. All of his posts seemed to take issue with the numerous stories that have popped up in recent weeks.

Bieber meltdown rumors have been fueled by the singer’s odd behavior as of late. Entertainmentwise reports that Justin was acting in a peculiar fashion following his sold-out show in London on Tuesday. Drivers spotted Bieber hopping between cars on the highway.

One individual told the Daily Mail:

“He was acting really peculiarly, car-hopping around a procession of black Bentleys, surrounded by motorbikes, all sporting Canadian flags while traffic was at a standstill. It was all a bit odd.”

To make matters worse for the singer, he reportedly showed up late to his first how in the United Kingdom on Monday. Since a lot of the folks in attendance were kids and teenagers, many had to leave before Justin Bieber took the stage.

Bieber Meltdown

The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer’s tardiness may have been due to his insistence on playing video games. Once his managers finally talked him into performing, he insisted on getting a shower beforehand.

Bieber addressed meltdown rumors in the following tweets.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? What do you think about rumors that Bieber is experiencing some sort of meltdown?

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