Kara Del Toro Spills Out Of Polka Dot Dress In A Canoe

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Maxim bombshell Kara Del Toro is no stranger to showing off her incredible body on Instagram. Her 1 million followers are constantly treated to sizzling shots of Del Toro in skimpy bikinis, or sometimes in nothing at all when she wants to make things even more scandalous.

The blonde babe does occasionally post shots of herself in clothing, though, and in a recent picture, she shared a sweet outfit from the brand BooHoo. Del Toro and another model were photographed in a green canoe on a calm body of water, with plenty of trees and greenery visible in the background. An oar was draped across Del Toro’s companion’s lap, and Del Toro herself was seated in the middle of the canoe on the bench stretching across the boat.

While Del Toro could easily have rocked a bikini in the shot, given that she was surrounded by water, BooHoo opted to put her in a sweet polka dot dress. The brown-and-white dress had a subtle polka dot pattern that added a playful vibe, but the dress itself was a mini length that exposed her toned thighs, and also had a v-neckline that flaunted some major cleavage. Del Toro finished the look with a scarf tied around her neck and was holding a pair of sunglasses as she gave the camera a seductive look.

She tagged the brand BooHoo in the caption, and also gave her followers a code that they could use to purchase pieces from the retailer. Though the shot wasn’t as spicy as some of her other posts, her followers still loved the snap, and it received over 15,000 likes within just one day.

“Camp queens,” one follower said, commenting on the setting of the shot.

“Oh my God I swear you two are so hot,” another said.

“Amazing shot! Wow,” yet another follower commented.

While the background seems like it could be anywhere, it seems that Del Toro may be on the road again, based on the #BooHooOnTheRoad hashtag she has been using over the past few days.

Del Toro’s summer has been absolutely packed with travel plans. The bombshell spent some time in Italy, before heading to Mexico to lounge in the sunshine for a while.

No matter where in the world she goes, she seems to make sure to pack a few skimpy bikinis so she’s able to take a few sizzling selfies for her eager followers to enjoy.

Fans will have to stay tuned to Del Toro’s Instagram account to see where her BooHoo road trip will take her next.