Prince Andrew Got ‘Foot Massage’ In Jeffrey Epstein’s Home From ‘Young Russian Woman,’ Literary Agent Revealed

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Less than a week after a video shot in 2010 revealed Britain’s Prince Andrew inside the lavish New York mansion owned by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as The Inquisitr reported, new details about the now 59-year-old prince’s friendship with Epstein have emerged in an article penned by science journalist Evgeny Morozov.

In the essay published online Thursday by The New Republic, Morozov reveals that his own literary agent was apparently close friends with Epstein, and once saw and spoke to Prince Andrew inside Epstein’s $77 million, upper east side mansion.

In an email sent by literary super-agent John Brockman to his client Morozov in 2013, the agent describes Epstein as a “billionaire science philanthropist” who had recently showed up at an unspecified “event” by helicopter and “with his beautiful young assistant from Belarus.” Epstein had been convicted of sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl just five years earlier, as The New York Times reported.

In the email, as The Guardian reported, Brockman went on to describe one of his own visits to Epstein’s mansion at 9 East 71st Street in one of Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhoods. During that visit, Brockman said he witnessed Epstein and “a British guy in a suit with suspenders, getting foot massages from two young well-dressed Russian women.”

John Brickman points.
Literary super-agent John Brockman.Featured image credit: Andreas RentzGetty Images

Brockman, in the email, then says that when he spoke to the “British guy,” he realized that the man was, in fact, “his Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.”

In their conversation, the prince referred to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was then facing rape charges in Sweden, as The Inquisitr has reported.

“We think they’re liberal in Sweden, but it’s more like Northern England than Southern Europe,” the prince complained, going on to gripe that his own private life could get him “in big trouble.”

In a 2011 Vanity Fair profile, which alleged that the prince also “attended naked pool parties and was treated to massages by a harem of adolescent girls” at Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, Andrew defended his friendship with Epstein, despite his conviction on underage sex charges. Andrew called one person who criticized his relationship with Epstein as “a Puritan.”

“Jeffrey’s my friend… And I’m going to be loyal to him,” the prince added.

But after Epstein’s re-arrest on July 6, the British royals issued a statement saying that Prince Andrew was “appalled” by reports of Epstein’s sex crimes, as The Daily Mail reported.

Epstein died in his New York federal prison cell on August 10 under suspicious circumstances, as The Inquisitr reported, though a medical examiner ruled his death to be the result of suicide by hanging.