Jen Selter Rocks White Bikini & Answers Fans’ Burning Questions

Jen Selter wears a white dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Jen Selter shared a brand new bikini pic earlier today on Instagram, and it was a GIF of her rocking a white bikini. So far, it’s been viewed over 79,000 times. It’s hard to know where the photo was taken, considering she hasn’t provided a geotag for her most recent pics.

The bikini Jen wore had a classic cut and looked to have thong bottoms. She stood in an outdoor infinity pool, which overlooked the ocean.

She posed while holding a drink in her right hand while smiling widely. Jen also sported aviator sunglasses, but kept things simple and didn’t appear to be wearing any jewelry. She also wore her hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

The water reached her mid-calves and the first part of the GIF showed her standing with her right foot popped and her left hand by her ear. The second part of the GIF showed Jen posing with her left arm down as she popped her derriere a little more.

Beside the model, you could see a floating, clear tray. It was filled with a huge variety of fruits, which were cut and arranged. There were pastries, kiwis, and berries, along with a smoothie in a pink bottle.

Many of Jen’s fans flooded the comments section with their questions for the fitness star. While she mentioned in the captions that the questions would be used for a future vlog, it looked like she couldn’t resist answering some of her fans in the comments section.

Many of the questions surrounded her workout routines.

“How many days of the week do you do cardio, and how long? What’s your most common cardio of choice?” asked a fan.

“Stair master always! And mostly depends on my diet. If I’m eating a lot of cheat meals I’ll include more cardio. If I’m being a good girl I just do 15-20 min warmup,” responded Selter.

“How much do you lift? One of your biggest fears? What’s your favorite kind of chips?” wondered another fan.

“In terms of lifting it’s always different depending if I want to bulk or stay consistent. My biggest fear is throwup and I love a good stacy chip,” replied Jen.

It’s not a huge surprise that many people wanted more details on the star’s workout habits. She often shares clips of her workout sessions in her Instagram Stories but usually doesn’t reveal all of the details.

Fans can look forward to this possible new Q&A session in video format.