Bald ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Finalist Christie Valdiserri Is A Total Bikini Babe

Christie Valdiserri takes a selfie
Christie Valdiserri / Instagram

Sports Illustrated has gotten diverse. The legendary magazine has been rounding up candidates for its Swimsuit Issue search, with The Daily Mail reporting somewhat of a landmark turnout this year. Finalists have included a 55-year-old woman, plus-size faces, plus alopecia sufferer Christie Valdiserri. This fitness instructor and dancer may lack hair, but she isn’t short on curves. Christie was featured in the newspaper’s report of this year’s Sports Illustrated faces – something about this bikini babe suggests that her Instagram following may soon be increasing.

Christina has already been fully profiled by Sports Illustrated. She told the magazine about her alopecia, with a recollection of when it all started.

“Three years ago–almost to the day–I found a small bald patch on the top of my head, in the center of my part. The next month I found another patch, and then my showers were spent watching chunks and chunks of hair clog my drain with tears running down my face.”

“Eventually, I got to a place that it stopped falling and started regrowing, so that felt promising. Around this time, I had finally ended my relationship and booked my dream dance gig: a cruise ship for 8 months,” she added.

Christie’s Instagram reflects her condition. The model will showcase her fierce curves in sizzling bikinis, but she isn’t afraid to break down barriers, with many photos showing her in her bald state.

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I put on my story 2 days ago, a pic of me w my old hair & wrote how much I miss it. But it wasn’t until my friend responded & said “but let’s take a moment to realize how much happier you are now… “ & then it hit me. As much as I miss my hair… I don’t miss where I was in my life during that pic where I had hair— I’m so much happier now & know who I am, compared to the young, broken me w hair. I can miss it of course, but gotta remember that hair isn’t everything !!! @si_swimsuit @mj_day are the ones I can thank for making me feel happy & confident in my own skin w no hair✨ Go check out @si_swimsuit page & read my personal interview w SI in the link in their bio & mine????

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Christie also chronicles her battles with alopecia via informative and empowering captions. An update made yesterday seemed to suggest that being hairless really isn’t the end of the world for this star. Christie seems to appreciate the bigger picture, and she’s able to realize that beauty comes in all different ways.

Inclusiveness in itself is gaining ground. This year saw singer Miley Cyrus release her “Mother’s Daughter” video. The equality-embracing aspects featured a wheelchair-bound and transgender individual, plus a medically obese woman. Campaigns promoting inclusiveness are also gaining traction. Model Jordyn Woods went down the inclusive route for her latest SECNDNTURE athleisurewear campaign – the 21-year-old included models in wheelchairs and on crutches.

Christie proved to be particularly brave earlier today. The model took to Instagram with a side-by-side photo showing her old self with a wig versus her current bald self. The update was quite popular, racking up over 1,140 likes in the space of five hours.

Over in the celebrity world, the bald look may be a fashion statement, but it’s likewise been seen on celebrities going through hard times. Actress Selma Blair recently revealed her bald look as a result of her battle with multiple sclerosis.