Sierra Skye Fires Up Instagram In Impossibly Tight Spandex Shorts

Sierra Skye walks the runway at the SWIMMIAMI Hot-As-Hell 2018 Collection fashion show at 227 22nd Street on July 21, 2017 in Miami Beach, Florida.
Rodrigo Varela

When it comes to Sierra Skye, there’s more than meets the eye. The model is an unofficial bikini queen on her Instagram feed, but this blonde will rock other looks. Sierra’s 4.1 million Instagram followers might not have the time to check out her Instagram stories, but it’s safe to say that a fair amount likely do.

Sierra’s recent Instagram story featured the model’s fierce body in what was almost workout mode. Fans are likely stewing over just how this stunner stays in sensational shape when her Instagram offers zero fitness info. The snap saw Sierra in selfie mode, with a background that suggested she might be in her home. The bombshell was seen seated on wooden floors with couches visible, and a low-frills reflection from her smartphone’s flash reminding fans that not everything comes with a photoshoot finish.

Sierra was definitely sizzling. The model was clad in an impossibly tight pair of blue spandex shorts, with a cream-colored hoodie offsetting the hues. The Champion sweater was cropped, with cute black strings drawing attention to the model’s slim waist. With her legs on show and a fierce tan alive and well, Sierra likely had her fans captivated.

A one-word caption accompanied Sierra’s selfie.

“Hi,” she wrote.

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Forevaaaa ???? @tigermist

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Sierra didn’t indicate whether she might be heading for a workout, but it can be assumed that she may have put herself through her paces following the selfie.

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???? @tjswim

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When it comes to sharing information about herself, Sierra seems to be a bit of a closed book. The model almost always appears solo on her feed, with no geotags or other information offered. Captions from Sierra tend to be very brief, with many offering a cute or sexy greeting, but bar the name-dropping of her look of the day’s brand, fans are left to draw their own conclusions.

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I’m yours ???? @fashionnova

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Fans are likely considering Sierra’s recent selfie a rarity. A quick scroll through the model’s feed shows swimsuits galore, plus a few dresses, but seeing this star in shorts doesn’t happen too often. The story did, however, follow a pattern. While Sierra opts for a professional finish to her permanent posts, many of her stories are selfies. As The Inquisitr reports, the model recently showcased her curves in a white crochet two-piece via a selfie.

Getting in on Sierra’s stories is simple. All it requires is a follow of the model’s Instagram. The account is already followed by some celebrity faces; both Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara and country singer Jessie James Decker keep tabs on Sierra.