Sara Underwood Sets Instagram On Fire In Tiny Desert Bikini: ’50 Shades Of Blue’

Sara Underwood attends "Bohemian Rhapsody" post-show VIP reception.
David Becker / Getty Images

Sara Underwood seems to have a way with words. The Playboy model has updated her Instagram with a caption referencing a NSFW book, although her post offered more than just a play on words from novel and movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The blonde’s update ticked boxes for its stunning setting, sizzling bikini display, and a reminder that Sara comes as a little offbeat.

Sara’s photo on Thursday showed her in a sun-drenched desert. The model hadn’t been photographed close up – rather, this picture seemed out to showcase Sara embracing her parched and scenic surroundings. Craggy rocks, blue skies, and a little greenery framed Sara as she stood amid the natural beauty, although this update wasn’t just about the landscape. Sara was heating things up even more in a tiny and strapless yellow bikini, with a pair of shorts covering her lower half. The model seemed to know her environment well — a headscarf in tans was offering protection, with Sara holding a straw hat – possibly for backup.

Sara seemed to be soaking it all in. The model was photographed with her head turned to the side, her eyes closed, and a peaceful expression that suggested she was right where she belongs. Fans of Sara will know that the great outdoors is likely her greatest love, with many updates coming from wooded cabins in the middle of nowhere.

Sara’s caption took her mentioned color and turned it interactive: the star’s fans were encouraged to respond and get a conversation going, with early replies to the post suggesting that fans had done just that. The update itself also quickly racked up likes: over 5,500 were clocked within just 25 minutes of the post going live. The same time frame brought over 107 fans into the comments section.

When it comes to being a little unusual, this model is spoken for. Sara leads a life that feels a little off-the-grid, although the cabin settings seem to come with internet connection. They are, however, somewhat low-frills. Sara is often seen enjoying nature at its best. Many updates also come with the man in Sara’s life – Jacob Witzling even featured in Thursday’s post, with Sara tagging him as photographer.

Followers of Sara’s Instagram Stories will know that Jacob factors into many aspects of Sara’s life. As The Inquisitr recently reported, he was seen cooking up a storm as he prepped vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and burgers for the two to indulge in.

Today’s post may not have featured food, but fans were likely glad that Sara stopped for a snap in her stunning setting.