Ayesha Curry Gets 1-Year-Old Son, Canon Curry, To Clap Back At Haters & Instagram Loves Her For It

Ayesha Curry is teaching the whole family how to turn off the haters on social media.

As those who follow the mother of three on Instagram know, she gets her fair share of criticism from fans on basically every single photo that she posts on the platform. While Curry has stood up to haters in the past and put them in her place, she's showing fans that sticking up for one another on social media is a family affair. In the latest video that was shared with her legion of fans, Ayesha enlists the help of her young son to slam the trolls who follow her.

In the short video clip, little Canon sits in the grass and looks into the camera with his baby blue eyes. He is rocking a black graphic T-shirt and looks as sweet as can be in the shot. In the beginning of the video, Ayesha can be heard asking the toddler what he says to the haters. After looking into the camera for a second and appearing to give it a little bit of thought, Canon simply replies "bye," with a smile on his face.

His mother can be heard laughing in the background of the video as well. In the caption of the image, Ayesha tells fans that Canon gets it from his daddy, NBA star Steph Curry. So far, the post has earned the social media star a ton of attention from fans, racking up over 304,000 likes in addition to 2,400-plus comments in less than a day of going live.

Some followers commented on the image to let Ayesha know that her son is adorable while countless others applauded her and her family for never backing down when it comes to internet bullies. A few others took to the photo to comment with their choice of emoji.

"Canon for three... BANG! BANG!! OH WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY!" one follower commented on the post.

"Tell'em Cannon!! He is too cute!! Tell my Ryan in the back ground Aynee will hold her!!!" another chimed in with a series of heart-eye emoji.

"You go boy! Its a da** shame you or your family and Cannon have to deal with idiots! He's just too darn cute! Just like his Daddy," one more wrote.

When Ayesha isn't busy sticking up for herself and her family on social media, she's either cooking, working on her ABC show Family Food Fight, or hanging out with her husband and three kids. Though she definitely seems to have a lot on her plate, Ayesha always seems to put family first.