Snooki Loses 42 Lbs After Baby

Snooki loses 42 lbs

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki has lost 42 lbs. after the birth of her son last summer, and the star is dishing on her post-baby weight loss.

As Snooki loses 42 lbs., the self-proclaimed “guidette” is back and more orange than ever in a new Us Weekly cover, loudly heralding the reality TV Jerseyite’s post-baby body.

In a leopard-print bikini with a high waist, Snooki’s new figure is shown in side profile, and she explains that the 42 lb. weight loss was for herself as she adjusted to new motherhood — but that her fiance Jionni LaValle was also a consideration, and she wanted to prove that motherhood is still sexy too:

“When you have a baby, everything changes … I lost it for me, but I also wanted Jionni to know that I can be hot as a mom.”

While Snooki has lost 42 lbs. — nearly a third of her weight, and a significant amount at just four feet, nine inches tall — the Jersey Shore cast member has other post-baby plans for when she finishes having kids.

Snooki hasn’t said how many kids she wants to have overall, but she did state another life’s goal in the past — boobs.

Snooki hinted after her weight loss that she still wanted more kids, she also admitted once her baby fever is cured for good, she plans to go under the knife.

She explained:

“I’ve always wanted a boob job because I have big boobs, but when I take the bra off, they sag. I hate that.”

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Not imminently, though, as Snooki says she doesn’t want to undergo multiple operations to preserve her cleavage:

“Everyone’s telling me to get them done after I have my kids. So I’m going to pop ’em out and then get a boob job. I love Jenni’s boobs, and I want boobs like that.”

As Snooki loses 42 lbs., she also admits that not all pregnancy-related issues are immediately resolvable — the reality TV fixture admits she too got stretch marks and lost some tummy tone.