Bonnie Chapman Opens Up About Mom Beth Chapman’s Last Moments

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Beth Chapman, wife of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, passed away in June 2019 after a battle with cancer at the age of 51, as People reports.

Now, with about two months having gone by since her mother’s passing, Beth’s daughter Bonnie Chapman has decided to share some of her thoughts with Survivornet about her mother’s last moments, as well as some insight into the experience her father had with the tragedy.

“My dad goes over and over and over what happened, because he can’t get it out of his head. She quite literally choked on her cancer.”

Bonnie goes on to share some of the heartbreaking details about what actually happened during Beth’s final moments.

“My mom was naked in the bathroom and told my dad to look at her. And he goes, ‘I am looking at you.’ And she goes, ‘No, look at me.’ And then she was standing there and she started gasping, and my sister came into the room and they called 911 immediately. And that was the last moment that we really saw her completely conscious.”

Survivornet also reported on Dog’s inability to return to Hawaii since the passing of his wife. The tropical location simply had too many memories for him, and he opted to instead throw himself into his work as he processed his grief.

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The Chapman family has been in the spotlight for well over a decade. The world first met the larger than life Dog the Bounty Hunter and his whole crew in 2004, when his show premiered, and the reality television series focused on the bounty hunter lasted until 2012. There were then a few spinoffs as audiences had grown to love the family, including Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

The Chapman family has dealt with tragedy before, as Survivornet reported. One of Bonnie’s siblings, Barbara Chapman, passed away in a car accident in 2006, just a few years after the family’s reality television show started airing.

Bonnie confessed that it has been difficult to deal with her mother’s diagnosis and death while the family has been in the public eye. Though she mentioned that many fans have shared prayers and positive messages to show their support for the family, there have been many other negative comments or simply attention that the family didn’t want in such a fragile time.

Regardless, the family has never hidden the tragic moments from their fans. In one of the spinoffs of the original reality show, Dog’s Most Wanted, they showed the family fighting for Beth’s life as she received her diagnosis and battled cancer.