Obama Cries Wolf Over Sequester Spending Cuts, Democrats Call ‘Hyperbole’

Obama Cries Wolf Over Sequester Spending Cuts, Democrats Call 'Hyperbole'

Obama is crying wolf over the automatic sequester according to some media experts. The sequester spending cuts have been advertised by the Obama administration as having horrible effects on American jobs and the economy, but now some people are questioning whether those claims are true.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the FDA commissioner previously claimed the sequester may lead to less safe food. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano went so far as to release dangerous illegal immigrants even before the sequester was scheduled to take effect.

According to CBS, the Obama administration has “cried wolf” at least three times in regards to how the sequester spending cuts will affect the nation:

“The first time came Feb. 24 when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said on “Face the Nation” that teachers were getting fired because of the cuts. He later backtracked, saying he “misspoke” when no evidence was found to his claim. When President Obama held a press conference about the sequester cuts on Friday, the president said that janitors at the U.S. Capitol would have to receive a pay cut. [They don’t.] Then, this past Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that lines at airports grew by 200 percent at checkpoint lines, but those claims were also unfounded.”

According to the Washington Post, anonymous Democratic strategists have condemned Obama crying wolf:

“One of Obama’s greatest political strengths was the sense he rose above politics — having him lead the daily assault about the consequences of the sequestration that was full of hyperbole and four Pinnochios facts squandered that political asset. Obama cried wolf in the most shallow ‘going through the motion of trying to meet with Congress’ way possible.”

Despite being caught crying wolf, Obama is still doing well in the public’s perception, since “38 percent of Americans said they blamed Congressional Republicans more for the sequester while 33 percent laid the blame more directly on the President.”

The good news according to CBS News is that under the sequester “Social Security, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, unemployment insurance, and food stamps will not see any reduction in funding.” The sequester cuts are also not automatic, and take effect over 10 years, so it’s possible that Congress can still act.

House Republicans previously attempted to give President Obama more authority to decide how spending cuts will take place, but Obama would not accept any agreement that did not include more tax increases, which Obama calls a more “balanced sequester.” But President Obama says he can’t force Republicans to act, that he cannot perform a “Jedi mind meld.”

Do you think Obama was crying wolf when he warned about the effects of sequester spending cuts?