‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Death Threats: Kristina Schulman Reportedly Slammed After Giving A Rose To Blake

Presley Ann/Jon KopaloffGetty Images

The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing, but it’s not all just roses and love at the end of the day. There’s plenty of heartbreak and emotional situations too.

For example, the drama between several of the women cast members and Blake Horstmann has been arguably cringe-worthy. But it’s not just what happens on the show that causes drama, but also the way in which Bachelor Nation reacts to the unfolding events.

And it turns out that Kristina Schulman’s choice to give her rose to Blake has been the center of backlash. And some of it has been very serious, according to Cosmopolitan. This is what Kristina said in her Instagram Stories.

“After last night’s episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ I was in shock about how much hate mail I got. But that’s not what struck me the most — what did is how many Blake haters are out there (who don’t even know him personally!),” she said.

Schulman elaborated and hinted at the death threats.

“Either way, we, as contenstants [sic] on this show opened up our lives, our hearts, and minds for your enjoyment (and criticism), but death threats because you don’t like someone is just UNACCEPTABLE. If you can’t handle it, turn off your TV or watch FRIENDS on Netflix. Thank you to those who CHOOSE to spread love and not hate,” she concluded.

And while Schulman may have her own dose of drama to deal with, its likely been a trying time for Blake. He has notably been quiet on his Instagram, and hasn’t posted anything since August 6.

At the time, Horstmann shared a message to his fans, explaining why he released the private text messages between himself and Caelynn.

Reality Steve also chimed in on the topic of Kristina giving her rose to Blake. He briefly mentioned the argument between Schulman and Caitlin, where the latter was saying that “friendship roses” shouldn’t be given out. Steve said he agreed with Kristina, who defended her choice. Schulman stated that it’s her choice to do whatever she wants with her rose.

Whatever the case, one thing seems to be clear: Kristina is keeping things lighthearted on her Instagram. Her newest post’s captions poked fun at herself and her time so far on Paradise, and we can only hope that she will find her love story soon. Whether it’ll be on the Bachelor franchise or not, still remains to be seen.