Pregnant Woman Stabbed 30 Times, Mom And Baby Survive

Pregnant Woman Stabbed 30 Times, Mom And Baby Survive

A pregnant woman was stabbed 30 times by a relative in Ocala, Florida on Monday. The mother and baby miraculously survived the brutal attack.

Jill Feingold, age 40, was reportedly stabbed by her husband’s uncle, 59-year-old Samuel Roy Cone II. Feingold and Cone were in a home owned by Cone’s mother when the incident occurred.

As reported by, Cone began stabbing Feingold in the kitchen with a filet knife. Feingold, who is 22 weeks pregnant, fled to the living room and eventually to the bedroom. Cone reportedly followed, stabbing her repeatedly.

Feingold was stabbed nearly 30 times before she was able to get to a phone and call 911 for help. Transcripts from the call, released by WCJB, reveal her determination. Despite her injuries, she was able to explain the situation to the dispatcher and relay the address.

When authorities arrived Cone was standing in the street covered in blood. He did not resist the officers and reportedly admitted what he had done. Cone was apologetic but stated that the stabbing was in reaction to a dispute over his mother’s estate. Cone was residing in his mother’s home where attack occurred.

Cone reportedly told detectives that he was sorry, but the Feingolds took everything he had. He further stated that he knew he would be sentenced to death for the crime.

Authorities were able to recover a filet knife, believed to be used in the attack, from inside the home.

The attack was not Cone’s first arrest. Records show that in the last 21 years he has been convicted twice for DUI , once for drug possession and once for battery.


Cone will be represented by a public defender. He is currently being held without bond and is on suicide watch at the Marion County Jail.

Feingold was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center and then Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida for treatment. Although the pregnant woman was stabbed 30 times, she and her unborn child survived the attack. She is currently listed in critical condition.

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