‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Fires Back On Instagram After Fans Demand She Dress Her Age

John SciulliGetty Images

Scheana Marie is fighting back after being accused of failing to dress her age.

After sharing a birthday post to her younger sister, Cortney van Olphen, who turned 22-years-old on August 19, the Vanderpump Rules star was flooded with comments from fans who felt that her attire wasn’t appropriate for a 34-year-old.

“Scheana, grow up. Aren’t you like 35?” one person wrote in the comments section of Scheana’s photo, which was taken at the Electric Pussycat in Glendale, California in mid-July.

“Who dresses like that at your age?” another person wrote, according to a report shared by Us Weekly magazine.

Although some felt that Scheana shouldn’t have been wearing such a racy outfit, which featured a leather jacket, fishnet tights and knee-high boots, Scheana pointed out to her online trolls that she was attending a costume party at the time the photograph was taken.

“Grow up? So don’t go to costume parties? Got it lol,” she fired back.

In Scheana’s photo, she was seen standing beside her sister Cortney, who was dressed in a Barbie crop top, jeans and pink sunglasses and heels. Meanwhile, in the background of her photo, cameras were seen rolling for the upcoming eighth season of Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana Marie and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars began production on the show’s upcoming eighth season earlier this year, and this month, they wrapped production on the new episodes with a finale party that was held during the one-year anniversary bash of TomTom restaurant and bar in West Hollywood, California.

As fans of the Bravo TV reality series will know, TomTom is co-owned by Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd.

While some of Scheana’s Instagram fans and followers didn’t approve of her racy photo with Cortney, others were quite supportive of the long-time reality star and called out her haters for being jealous of her look.

“She looks amazing. Who cares what she wearing when you look that great. Come on people.. stop hating. 30s is hardly old. Im fast approaching 50 and I will wear whatever the hell I want too,” the person wrote.

While fans watched Scheana embark on a back-and-forth relationship with Adam Spott during the seventh season of Vanderpump Rules, she did not appear to be attached to anyone in particular during production of Season 8.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8, which is expected to air on Bravo TV sometime later this year.