August 21, 2019
Bella Hadid Strips Down To Calvin Klein Underwear In Latest Instagram Photos

Bella Hadid joined forces with Calvin Klein earlier this year to model the brand's latest underwear, and the results have been absolutely stunning. Recently, Hadid has been filling up her Instagram with various images from various Calvin Klein shoots. The latest update has sent pulses racing. On Tuesday, the model shared a collection of photos of herself rocking a set of Calvin Klein 1981 undies.

The post on Hadid's feed contained not one, not two, but four images of the 22-year-old runway star posing in a bedroom setting. She wore a black Calvin Klein sports bra that featured "Calvin Klein" in white lettering and "1981" inside a red square. The skimpy top just barely contained her assets as it cut off just below her chest. Meanwhile, on the bottom, Hadid wore matching black underwear that sat low on her hips and put her toned abs on full display.

In the first photo, Hadid stood at the head of a big bed and playfully pushed her arms through the waistband of her undies, stretching them outward and nearly exposing her lower half. With one foot resting against the headboard, the young social media star gave the camera a sultry gaze. Her long brown hair fell over her face as she did so.

The second photo in the series showed Hadid lying on the bed. The photo was snapped from behind her, so she leaned her head back slightly to look at the camera. This time, the model wore black track pants that sat below the waistband of her underwear.

In the third photo, Hadid straddled a pillow on the floor of the '80s-style bedroom and played with her hair in a mirror. This time, fans caught a glimpse of the cheeky nature of the underwear, as well as the bra's racerback design.

The final image was a close-up of Hadid's body, once again on the bed. The camera honed in on the model's toned midsection as a phone with a red case rested on her hip. The phone's screen displayed a selfie of Hadid rocking the bra as she pursed her lips for the camera.

Hadid's post garnered over 981,000 likes in just one day, daring to hit a million by the end of this week. In the comments, fellow models and friends showed their love.

Model Hailey Bieber wrote, "Love," while Hadid's sister Gigi called the series "so fresh."

"Can't believe I'm jealous of a pillow," one fan wrote.

"Abel is punching the air right now," another said, referring to Hadid's recent breakup with rapper The Weeknd.

"Are these revenge body pics?!? Because if so; you're killing it girl," another fan wrote with fire emoji.