'Death Stranding' Boss Discusses Norman Reedus' Character Urinating In Video Game

A new game titled Death Stranding will feature the character of Sam, played by The Walking Dead alum, Norman Reedus. While many fans have been waiting for the game's release due to Reedus' appearance, new gameplay footage has fans wanting to play the game for an entirely different reason now.

According to Digital Spy, new footage of Death Stranding released shows Sam urinating. While this may not cause much shock to some gamers, fans of Reedus have been wondering if it is just the act of urinating that will be shown in the game or whether gamers will be able to change the perspective and see Reedus' anatomy.

The gameplay clip was shown recently at the Gamescom Opening Night Live press conference. During the Opening Night Live show hosted by Geoff Keighley, the footage was shown of Sam waking up and urinating. Death Stranding creator, Hideo Kojima, was also present during the short video and explained that while Sam will be able to urinate during gameplay, that the mechanics of the game do not allow players to view the character's penis.

"If you try to move the camera and try to see what he's doing, Sam will move away so you'll never see, actually, what he's doing," Kojima explained.

"Also, there's an option where you cannot release yourself like that if people are near you. So, don't worry Norman fans… you don't have to worry about that."
This is not the first time that this sort of action has been used in video games in order to maintain the privacy of a character. As IGN points out, Nier: Automata included a similar feature so that gamers couldn't look up the skirt of 2B. In that game, the character would kick the camera away rather than moving away from prying eyes.

While the act of urination might seem somewhat humorous during gameplay, according to Kojima, there might be more to this action than first meets the eye. In fact, it might lead to some pretty important gameplay throughout Death Stranding.

"It could be used as a weapon, but also it can be one of the keys, and you'll find out later," Kojima said.

"You saw the mushroom growing? So, if everyone does it in the same spot you will have something good later on."
Death Stranding will be released on PlayStation 4 and is available from November 8. A standard edition will be available along with a $200 collector's edition.