Lindsay Lohan’s Jungle Mesh-Net Swimsuit Pics Have Instagram Calling Her Ariel

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Something about having red hair and being near the water seems to be driving Lindsay Lohan’s fans to Disney-related comments. The Mean Girls actress took to Instagram yesterday in a mesh net swimsuit with wet hair and a waterside jungle setting, making the post pretty exotic. As The Inquisitr reports, the update had clocked close to 30,000 likes within the space of two hours. Lindsay’s post has since climbed to surpass 100,000 likes.

Something interesting also seems to have been going on in the comments section. Lindsay’s Monday post now comes filled with comparisons to The Little Mermaid‘s iconic Ariel character. In fact, Lindsay’s return post featuring the same swimsuit today quickly launched similar comments.

Those preferring their news in chronological order will find themselves well catered to. Those keen to see what Lindsay’s fans had to say won’t need to wait much longer.

“Ariel is shaking” came from Syrian artist Saint Hoax.

Given that Hoax is often associated with Disney, fans were likely pumped to see his name crop up.

“Lindsay Lohan should have been cast as Ariel,” another fan wrote.

“OG Ariel” saw one fan think the same.

Lindsay was also dubbed “the true Ariel” and told that the cartoon character has “nothing” on her.

One fan seemed to have high hopes for Lindsay.

“Okay but why couldn’t you be the Ariel in the new movie”

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Unsurprisingly, countless comments left on the post likened the famous redhead to what appeared to be her cartoon counterpart.

“Ariel is you?” one fan asked.

“Hiya Ariel,” saw another greet the 33-year-old via the reference.

Lindsay’s post today showed her in a different position, but the same setting and trademark red hair brought Lindsay and her vibe back.

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Much like some users, some celebrities also adore Disney. Famous faces of all ages have dressed up as Disney characters for Halloween, with many social media posts reflecting how popular the various characters are. Kim Kardashian and daughter North West have gone down the Aladdin route. Neil Patrick Harris and his family have channeled all things Alice in Wonderland. Over in the music world, Miley Cyrus has dressed up as Cinderella. For former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, waiting until Halloween isn’t necessary. The 28-year-old recently took to Instagram from inside a shell with a Princess Ariel background, per The Inquisitr.

Lindsay’s update today quickly racked up the likes, with more than 10,000 being clocked in the space of one hour. Fans wishing to see more of Lindsay should follow her Instagram.