Farrah Abraham’s Sanity Questioned As Daughter Sophia’s Instagram Video Sparks Fear & Pity

Araya DiazGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is under fire. The former Teen Mom OG star often makes headlines for the high-profile way in which she raises daughter Sophia: the 10-year-old following her mother’s often-raunchy Instagram is frequently an eyebrow-raiser amid fans.

Farrah may generate backlash and a fair amount of trolling on her own social media, but fans concerned for Sophia have another way to communicate with the mother and daughter. Sophia has her own Instagram account. It looks like Sophia’s latest video has sparked concern.

The video showed Sophia smiling and speaking into the camera in an excited manner. Fans saw this child sending someone birthday wishes as they turned 33-years-old, with the video linked to internet company Cameo. A caption from Sophia announced that she’s available for online “shoutouts,” although given her status as a celebrity child, the service likely comes with a fee.

Responses to the video mostly seemed to see fans saddened or worried for Sophia’s overall well-being. Also voiced amid the responses were queries over 28-year-old Farrah’s sanity, plus a fair amount of pity.

“Kinda sad her friends are in their 30s, or should I say mom’s friends” was one of the most upvoted comments.

Another response came in a more verbose form.

“This is horribly sad. She’s always left home alone at age 10 to fend for herself. Think of an emergency or if she wants to cook and burns the place down! But this is what an alone and very lonely 10 yr old does with her time? Makes cameos for 33 yr Olds??? What kind of sicko is even ordering this from a 10 yr old?? Bc she was on teen mom?”

A fair few other users voiced similar sentiments. The consensus seemed to be one of sadness at seeing Sophia advertise her services, with some fans feeling that the entire thing was abnormal. Abraham was called “sick” by one fan, with another suggesting that the Nebraska native is “peddling” her child. The fan stating that Sophia is left home alone may, however, find themselves corrected. Farrah seems to spend time with Sophia, with no indication that the child is physically unsupervised at home.

Farrah and Sophia do, however, seem to lead a life that centers around promotion and the media. The star and her daughter have recently featured alongside the Tik Tok challenge on Instagram, with this month also seeing the two attend Beautycon in Los Angeles, California.

Responses to Sophia’s video weren’t all negative – some fans felt that the backlash was unnecessary. For the most part, though, the most upvoted comments seemed out to question how normal the video was for a child of Sophia’s age. Farrah does not appear to have commented, with Sophia also appearing silent in the comments section.