Lena Dunham Opens Up About 2017 Split From Jack Antonoff, ‘Someone Had To Go’

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Lena Dunham recently reflected on her 2017 breakup with musician Jack Antonoff, reports People.

In an essay for Domino’s latest cover story, the 33-year-old opened up about the heartbreak she endured after having to move out of their Brooklyn home.

She confided she once believed that their Brooklyn Heights apartment would be where they started their family.

“I was… looking for a place where we could build a future [and] consider children,” wrote Lena.

The couple decided they wanted a unique home and placed a bid on a yet-to-be built apartment. While the Bleacher’s frontman was away on tour, Lena meticulously planned out the details for their home. However, Jack was displeased by the writer’s eccentric decorations, stating that he wished for something more traditional.

Lena compromised with Jack and started to tone down their shared space. The Girls creator recalled feeling heartbroken by having to do so.

“I felt sick every time I made a design concession or covered up pink with dove gray,” said Lena. “Love can only survive so much.”

People surmised her unhappiness over the situation may have contributed, in part, to the couple’s eventual breakup.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress noted when they separated after nearly six years together, she decided to move out.

“The last time I saw that apartment was when we agreed, with love, that someone had to go,” remembered Lena. “‘You can finally eat in bed without anyone getting mad at you,’ he said through tears.”

In May 2018, the writer addressed her breakup in an essay she penned for Vogue. She admitted the couple broke up in December of 2017. She also stated the pair’s decision to separate was a sad and difficult one. Lena expressed hesitation during their split and initially requested to continue going on dates. She noted they didn’t go on dates after their breakup but did keep in contact with each other.

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Lena spoke about Jack to The Cut in November 2018. The writer revealed she is well aware she is not everyone’s cup of tea. She cited she knows she is viewed as privileged and entitled. Lena stated she texted Jack to get his input on how it feels to have dated someone who is disliked by so many.

“He wrote back, ‘They only hate you because they love you so much, true story.’ Which is like, What a sweetie. What a liar and a sweetie,” said Lena.

Lena is set to direct the upcoming series Industry, airing on HBO.