Mount Etna Eruption Lights Up Night Sky [Video]

mount etna

Mount Etna’s spectacular eruption last night was caught on video.

According to the Telegraph, Mount Etna is Europe’s highest active volcano. It’s eruptions are relatively frequent (the volcano sent ash and lava into the night sky just last month) and Italian airlines sometimes have to alter their routes around the volcano.

Mount Etna’s eruption last night did not disrupt any flights.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy recently said that Mount Etna is experiencing an increase in explosive activity recently. On February 19-20, the volcano experienced three outbursts in just 36 hours.

NASA was able to capture a photograph of the volcanic activity from space. The Earth Observing-1 satellite snapped a photo of the volcano during its first eruption in February. NASA added a little infrared color in order to make lava, snow, clouds and forest easily distinguishable in the photo (above).

The Earth Observatory writes:

“In the image, fresh lava is bright red, as the hot surface emits enough energy to saturate the instrument’s shortwave infrared detectors but is dark in near-infrared and green light. Snow is blue-green because it absorbs shortwave infrared light, but reflects near-infrared and green light. Clouds made of water droplets (not ice crystals) reflect all three wavelengths of light similarly and appear white. Forests and other vegetation reflect near-infrared more strongly than shortwave infrared and green, and so appear green. Dark gray areas are lightly vegetated lava flows, 30 to 350 years old.”

The most recent eruption wasn’t captured from space but it was captured on video.

Here’s a video from the Associated Press of Mount Etna’s eruption on Tuesday night.