Justin Timberlake’s SNL Promo Ads Are Hilarious, Even Without His Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live Promo

Justin Timblerlake will host Saturday Night Live (SNL) for the fifth time this Saturday, and, if his promo ads are any indication, the show will be HILARIOUS!

The actor/musician/sometimes comedian appeared in the ads with SNL star Keenan Thompson, and NBC has been kind enough to share all of the promo clips in one video.

In the SNL promo ads, Timberlake freaks out when he realizes he forgot his suit tie at home. When Keenan says they have an excellent costume team, Timberlake freaks out because its “not me Suit Tie.”

In what might be the strangest moment in the SNL promo ad, Timblerlake takes on the role of camera man, boom mic operator, and makeup person and, at one point, appeared on screen with himself.

Justin Timblerlake has become one of the funniest and most respected guest hosts in SNL history. During his last four appearances, Timberlake has created some of the most memorable skits in recently SNL history.

Among his various hits is the YouTube sensation “D*ck in a Box,” which was posted after the show aired. “D*ck in a Box” has earned 38,154,950 views on its main YouTube channel and tens of thousands more via unofficial YouTube postings.

Timberlake has also shined in his Target skits and as a singing store employee dressed in soup and liquor bottle outfits.

Here is Justin Timberlake and Keenan Thompson in this weeks Saturday Night Live promo spots:

We can’t get enough of how far Timberlake is willing to go for a big laugh. Will you be tuning in this Saturday to watch Justin Timblerlake as he both hosts and performs as the shows musical guest?

If you need to be reminded why Justin Timberlake is worth watching on SNL, check out this digital short with Andy Samberg: