Kylee Dixon, 13-Year-Old Oregon Girl With Cancer, Forced By Judge To Have Surgery Over Her Mother’s Objections

Kylee's mom, tired of watching her daughter suffer through chemotherapy, opted instead for treatments that included vitamins and CBD oil.

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Kylee's mom, tired of watching her daughter suffer through chemotherapy, opted instead for treatments that included vitamins and CBD oil.

A 13-year-old Oregon girl is being forced to undergo surgery and other cancer treatment over her mother’s objections, NBC News reports. The mother had chosen to treat the young lady’s cancer with vitamins and CBD oil.

Christina Dixon’s 13-year-old daughter, Kylee, has Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer that mostly affects children. Christina says that watching her daughter endure chemotherapy was like watching her “on death row.”

“Every single time — you literally feel your kid’s life getting taken away,” she said.

According to Portland’s KGW-TV, after six months of watching her daughter suffer, she decided enough was enough. She decided to halt the chemotherapy treatments and instead try to treat Kylee with an alternative treatment that included vitamins and CBD oil, a derivative of the cannabis plant that, unlike THC, does not get the user high.

Christina claimed that the alternative treatments worked, even purportedly reducing the side of a tumor in her liver by 90 percent. However, since Kylee’s medical records are private, that claim is impossible to verify.

Regardless, state child welfare officials stepped in and applied for, and were given, custody over Kylee. The reason? Because Christina had allegedly defied a doctor’s order, putting her daughter’s health at risk.

Medical Kidnapping?

Christina claims that her daughter is a victim of so-called “medical kidnapping” — a term that some skeptics of the medical community use to describe a situation where the state takes custody of a child in order to forcibly put them through medical treatment.

In Christina’s case, she and Kylee allegedly left Oregon in order to avoid Kylee being taken into custody. Police even issued an all-points-bulletin saying that Kylee was in danger.

The two were found a few days later in Nevada. Kylee was placed into state custody, and Christina may yet be charged with criminal mistreatment and custodial interference.

Support For Mom And Daughter

Christina and Kylee are getting support from their community, and even an Oregon politician has taken an interest in their case.

State Senator Kim Thatcher spoke with authorities from Oregon’s Department of Human Services, who assured her that they were simply obeying a court order in taking Kylee into custody. However, she’s not entirely satisfied with that response, saying that breaking up a family over a parent’s medical decisions “just doesn’t seem right.”

“Instead of keeping families together and supporting decision making within a family we are defaulting to—let’s break up the family,” she said.

Moving Forward

As for Kylee, for now, she’s in the care of a relative, and Judge Heather Karabeika of the Clackamas County Circuit Court said that she’s going to let the doctors do what they say they need to do. That means that Kylee will be required to make an appointment, with a view toward having surgery on her liver and whatever followup treatment the medical team deems necessary.

Cynthia Dixon, however, vows to fight.